Rachel McAdams joined the Marvel cast in Doctor Strange. She has done many prominent films in her career like Mean Girls, About Time, Southpaw, and Wedding Crashers. Recently, the actress revealed that she has in fact turned down some roles in the past which she regrets. After all, celebrities often turn down certain roles which turn out to be a matter of regret for them.

The Mean Girls actor has been amazing in whatever work she has done. McAdams is reported to have a net worth of $25 million.

Rachel McAdams
Actress, Rachel McAdams

The Doctor Strange actress took a 2-year hiatus in which she turned down a handful of movies. She feels guilty for not seizing the opportunity at the time.

Why Did Rachel McAdams Turn Down Movies?

McAdams took a break between the years 2006 and 2008 during her career in which she spent time with family, biking around Toronto, and recentering. However, she revealed that she turned down 5 major movie roles during that time. Those movies went ahead to become All Time Blockbusters. She turned down The Devil Wears Prada, Casino Royale, Mission: Impossible III, Iron Man, and Get Smart.

All these movies ended up becoming hits at the box office, especially Iron Man which established the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The universe where McAdams is now Dr. Christine Palmer; she could’ve joined it as Pepper Potts.

Rachel McAdams in Doctor Strange
Rachel McAdams at the Doctor Strange screening

“I felt guilty for not capitalizing on the opportunity that I was being given because I knew I was in such a lucky spot,” McAdams said about turning down these films. However, she justifies why she had to say no to those roles. She said, “But I also knew it wasn’t quite jiving with my personality and what I needed to stay sane. There were definitely some anxious moments of wondering if I was just throwing it all away, and why was I doing that. It’s taken years to understand what I intuitively was doing.”.

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Early Movies Of Rachel McAdams’ Career

McAdams harbors no regrets and many of her early films such as Mean Girls and The Notebook remain classics. Mean Girls is currently getting the musical treatment for a new film based on Tina Fey’s Tony-winning Broadway adaptation. And Reneé Rapp is stepping in for McAdams’ character Regina George. When asked about her cameo in the musical, the actress said, “I don’t see a way to shoehorn us in. If Tina can figure it out, I’m there, for sure.”.

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

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Although McAdams admits that she regrets turning down such hit movies, she says, “I step back and go, ‘That was the right person for that.’”. She had her own reasons for taking those decisions at that time. She continues to explain, “There were definitely some anxious moments of wondering if I was just throwing it all away, and why was I doing that? It’s taken years to understand what I intuitively was doing.”.McAdams made it clear why she wanted that 2-year break.

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Source: Variety

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