Filming the movie Black Mirror proved to be a profound and transformative experience for the multi-talented artist, Miley Cyrus. Little did she know that this production would leave an indelible mark on her life, as an unexpected incident during filming would later resurface in a deeply unsettling way, causing anxiety attacks that haunted her for years to come. In one of the most pivotal moments of her career, Miley Cyrus found herself immersed in the challenging task of portraying a traumatic scene for the Black Mirror series.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

As she delved into the emotional depths of her character, a real-world catastrophe was unfolding simultaneously. The devastating Woolsey Fire mercilessly tore through the picturesque enclave of Malibu, reducing her and her then-husband Liam Hemsworth’s cherished home to ashes. The juxtaposition of this personal tragedy with her commitment to her craft during the filming was a profoundly unsettling experience.

How an Unsettling Experience Left Miley Cyrus Battling Anxiety?

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, in a candid revelation on her Used to Be Young TikTok video series, shared a deeply unsettling chapter from her life. It was during her time filming a particularly traumatic scene for Black Mirror, that the Woolsey Fire, a relentless and destructive force of nature, tore through her beloved home, reducing it to ashes in a matter of hours. The eerie synchronicity of these two events unfolding simultaneously would prove to be a profound and haunting experience for the renowned singer and actress.

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Little did she know that the emotional toll of these events would manifest itself years later in the form of debilitating anxiety attacks, casting a long shadow over her life and career. Miley Cyrus candidly described how, in the aftermath of these traumatic events, she began to have recurring nightmares. The psychological impact of these intertwined experiences was immense, leaving her grappling with the weight of trauma that had been buried deep within her. She initially dismissed these recurring nightmares as mere products of anxiety, believing they made no logical sense.

“I was filming Black Mirror and while I was there the Woolsey Fires happened in Malibu,” Cyrus said. “I was in South Africa but [the episode] was taking place in Malibu, so it was just a real trip. Two or three years after this happened, I didn’t understand, but I had this anxiety attack with a vision attached that I would be strapped down to a gurney.”

Adding another layer to this poignant tale, Miley Cyrus disclosed that right after learning of the Woolsey wildfires consuming her family home, she was immediately thrust back into her demanding professional world. The very next day, she had to perform for the anthology series, filming the song On a Roll. This stark contrast between personal loss and professional duty intensified the turbulence of that time in her life.

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Unveiling Black Mirror‘s Most Traumatic Scene

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

Miley Cyrus found herself ensnared in a nightmarish ordeal that transcended the boundaries of fiction and reality. The haunting vision that plagued her subconscious was an eerie mirror reflection of a scene she had filmed for the popular anthology series Black Mirror. This unsettling parallel between the fictional scene and her own harrowing dreams became an undeniable source of distress for the singer.

The scene that has left an indelible mark on Miley Cyrus’s life was a pivotal moment in the fifth season of the renowned series Black Mirror. Within this season, her character, Ashley O, was made to endure a disturbing and dehumanizing experience that would become emblematic of the character’s plight. In this particular scene, Ashley O was forcibly restrained and tied down to a stark medical bed against her will, echoing the dark and dystopian themes that Black Mirror is known for. The depiction of such intense psychological and physical torment weighed heavily on Miley Cyrus, especially given the challenging circumstances in which it was filmed.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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