In a startling revelation that has left much with enduring curiosity, Gianni Russo, renowned for his role in The Godfather, opens up about a captivating encounter from his youth. Sharing a shocking tale of being seduced by none other than the blonde bombshell of Hollywood when he was just 15.

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Gianni Russo

Losing virginity at an early age is very common, and when it comes to Celebrities, No explanation is required here. Stars after years reveal how they lost their virginity and if it’s way too startling to hear then they would definitely reveal it. Here we will uncover how a well-known actor was seduced at a younger age.

Marilyn Monroe Made Gianni Russo a Man!

Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch
Marilyn Monroe

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Gianni Russo unveils a story that interlocks Hollywood legends in an unexpected and enigmatic manner. Russo is an American actor and singer, best known for his role as Carlo Rizzi in the classic 1972 film The Godfather. But Russo has also made headlines for his claims about his relationship with Marilyn Monroe. He claimed that Monroe without any hesitation took away his virginity at a very young age and she was then 33. Years back speaking to The Sun the actor said:

“Marlon Brando was my only acting teacher, Frank Sinatra was my only singing teacher and Marilyn Monroe made me a man.”

“She taught me everything I know. I thought I was the luckiest boy alive but if it had happened today, I think she’d be arrested and my parents would have tried to get some cash out of it.

“Was I upset? No. I’d just had sex with America’s hottest movie star and sex symbol.”

Russo revealed about losing his virginity through Monroe.

How Gianni Russo Met Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe and Gianni Russo

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According to Gianni Russo’s recollections, his encounter with Marilyn Monroe took place while he was employed as a shampoo boy at a hair salon in New York City. Being a regular customer, Marilyn and Gianni struck up a conversation, and he recalls her being exceptionally warm and flirtatious. Eventually, Monroe extended an invitation for him to visit her hotel room, adding a fascinating dimension to their relationship. Here’s what Russo revealed:

“Marilyn was very friendly. After a few visits, I got over the movie star hype and saw her as a normal ­person, albeit one with a dynamite body.”

“I figured she was going out and needed me to help her with her hair,” he continues.

“Marilyn was alone in a lavish suite replete with an outdoor terrace, but the entire place looked like the set of a disaster movie.

Clothes thrown everywhere, dirty dishes on the sofa. The bed unmade and she looked like a homeless waif without make-up.

“She was wrapped in a white towel and had a flute of champagne.”

As Gianni Russo entered the room, Marilyn graciously offered him a glass, causing his heart to pound with excitement. Unexpectedly, she dropped her towel and extended an inviting gesture, asking him to join her in her bath. Overwhelmed by the situation, he instinctively covered his eyes, which elicited a laugh from Marilyn at his adorable reaction. Russo continued to have this relationship with Monroe and never regretted this as he had it with Hollywood’s Blonde Bombshell.

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Source: The Sun

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