This year the Walt Disney Company faces significant challenges amid fierce protests from writers and actors advocating for fair wages. Major productions like the Star Wars spinoff, and Marvel’s Daredevil: Born Again have recently suspended production indefinitely due to the ongoing strike.


In a recent development, the freshly reappointed Disney CEO, Bob Iger, faced significant criticism for his comments on the ongoing strike by workers demanding fair wages. Iger’s remarks, referring to the decision to withhold labor as very disturbing and dismissing their demands as not realistic, sparked outrage among Disney employees. His statements did not sit well with the workforce and prominent figures like the She-Hulk, have openly expressed their frustration with the controversial CEO’s stance.

She-Hulk Vocalizing her frustration with Disney CEO

 She-Hulk: Attorney At Law
She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

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During a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter from the picket lines in New York City, the talented She-Hulk actress, Jennifer Walters, aka Tatiana Maslany, vehemently criticized Disney CEO Bob Iger for his recent remarks about the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Maslany revealed that numerous creatives, herself included, have felt neglected in the ever-changing landscape of streaming. With residuals becoming increasingly elusive, union members are struggling to meet basic needs like housing and healthcare, painting a concerning picture of the current situation:

I have friends who have been doing this for 30 to 40 years and have lost their health care because the minimums are so relatively low, but wages have gone down, and people’s quotes no longer stand for anything. It’s just like we’ve been completely cast aside.

“I think he’s completely out of touch. He’s completely out of touch with the workers who make his shows happen, who make people watch these shows, who bring viewers to him and him money.”

“Having worked on a Disney show, I know where people fall through the cracks and where people are taken advantage of and it’s outrageous the amount of wealth that is not shared with the people who actually make the show. That’s crew, cast, writers.”

Said the actress expressing her thoughts on the comments given by the Disney CEO.

Is The Strike Close To Resolution?

SAG-AFTRA Strike going on
SAG-AFTRA Strike going on

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Multiple Disney movies are delayed and the statements of the CEO are making the condition worse but Tatiana Maslany has never been shy about addressing crucial matters beyond the realm of the movie industry, so it’s no wonder she’s taking a vocal stand on behalf of herself and her fellow creatives in the fight for fair wages. Her passionate advocacy is not surprising as she has stood up on matters like these before too.

No one knows what this strike will take the workers to, are they gonna stop or continue to stand for themselves? Fans are eagerly waiting for the resolution as they didn’t like their favorite characters suffering.

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