The buzz around Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has extended to the next level. The former couple has suddenly caught the attention of the media as they are heading for divorce after four years of marriage. Fans are in shock after the news that the cutest couple in Hollywood are going their separate ways.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The news of Jonas and Turner’s separation came as a shock for everyone as they hadn’t displayed any signs of having their marriage on rocks. The duo connected in 2016, got hitched in 2019, and share two daughters. As Joe Jonas filed for divorce, X formerly known as Twitter, was buzzing with accusations that the singer cheated on the Game of Thrones star.

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Joe Jonas accused of cheating on Sophie Turner

All the signs that Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner were headed towards divorce
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

As the rumors started to surface about trouble in the paradise of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, fans were in shock. The former couple has taken things to the next level as the singer has filed for divorce. The duo connected in 2016 when Joans slid into her DM. The pair secretly married in May 2019 after attending the Billboard Music Awards together, with Kevin and Nick Jonas by their side. However, their four-year marriage has come to an end.

The Jonas Brothers singer filed for divorce from Game of Thrones star, citing Turner’s alleged ‘partying’ caused a rift in the marriage. As the accusation about the actress came up, the internet started buzzing with another relating to the 34-year-old.

Jonas is trending in X due to supposed cheating rumors. The uproar began after an anonymous account blamed the star for cheating on Sophie with a 20-year-old. The account said,

“When the alliterate married boy bander starts taking an interest in a 20-year-old model/fan, and it isn’t just for a threesome, then you have to start telling yourself that the marriage is over.”

There were a series of comments on these posts. One wrote, “I like Joe, but he’s so obviously a playboy, very unserious to think he can commit.”

Another pointed out:

“If you have to include the caveat ‘isn’t just for a threesome,’ then yes, you should start telling yourself the marriage is over.”

The pair have an ironclad prenup and share a three-year-old daughter, Willa, and a one-year-old daughter, whose name they have not revealed.

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Joe Jonas files for divorce from Sophie Turner after four years of marriage

The reason Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner

The rumors about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner heading for divorce are confirmed as the singer has filed for it in Miami-Dade County court on Tuesday. The reason given in the divorce petition is that the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken. The singer also asks for the enforcement of their prenuptial agreement from April 2019 and shared parental responsibilities for himself and Turner about their two girls.

The pair has been going through a tough phase for the last six months. The actress alleged ‘partying’ caused a rift in the marriage. Turner allegedly ‘likes to party’, which caused a clash with the musician, who is more of a homebody. A source also confirmed that the former couple spent the summer apart.

Joe Jonas and the Game of Thrones star got married in 2019 and revealed they were expecting their first child in 2020. They welcomed their first daughter, Willa, the same year. In March 2022, the twosome were expecting baby No. 2, and their second daughter, whose name has yet to be revealed, was born that July.

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