A talented singer and actor, Keke Palmer has been in movies and TV shows like Akeelah and the Bee, True Jackson, VP, and Hustlers. In addition, she is a mother to Leo, her four-month-old baby Leo which she has with her boyfriend Darius Jackson.

Keke Palmer has made significant contributions to history in various ways, including becoming the first Black actress to portray Cinderella on Broadway and hosting her own chat show on BET. While Palmer has enjoyed a successful acting career, her personal relationship has been far from ideal. Since 2021, she has been dating Darius Jackson, but their recent controversy arose when Jackson commented on Palmer’s dress, sparking attention and controversy.

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer

How did Keke Palmer’s boyfriend shame her publicly?

Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer‘s boyfriend, has come under criticism online for making a public remark about her attire. Palmer wore a black bodysuit under a transparent dress on July 4 to an event of Usher’s in Las Vegas. Palmer’s clothing was criticized on Twitter by Jackson, a fitness instructor, who wrote, “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom.”

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Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

Palmer’s supporters immediately criticized Jackson for his remarks, accusing him of sexism and body-shaming. Jackson was also attacked by many for voicing his concerns on social media rather than directly to Palmer.

Darius Jackson responded to online criticism by defending his remarks regarding her attire. He claimed that in the generation he belongs to, men receive criticism for not wanting their mothers and wives to flaunt their bodies.

With a Tiktok video, Keke Palmer responds to the insult

On Friday, Keke Palmer posted a video on TikTok that seemed to be addressed to her boyfriend, Darius Jackson. Palmer’s body-shaming by Jackson after she sported a skimpy gown to Usher’s concert recently made the news.

Palmer, 29, is seen dancing in the TikTok video while wearing a white tank top and gray sweatpants. She exclaims, “You ain’t stopping what’s going on with me, sweetheart,” while lip-syncing to a song. “So, if you about to act up, I’m ’bout to link up.” she continues.

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Keke Palmer and her boyfriend Darius Jackson
Keke Palmer with her boyfriend Darius Jackson

Many of Keke Palmer’s fans think she was trying to tell her boyfriend Jackson something through the video. Some of her followers think she’s letting him know that she won’t put up with his misogynistic thoughts and body-shaming and that, if he doesn’t stop, their relationship could end. Others think Palmer is merely celebrating her own body and confidence in the video.

After receiving backlash from all of Palmer’s supporters, Palmer’s boyfriend Darius Jackson also deleted all of her pictures from his Instagram account.

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Source: Complex

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