Blac Chyna is fighting against Alysia Magen in a Saturday night PPV event. They came face-to-face for the traditional weigh-in and Alysia Magen knew exactly what to say to trigger Blac Chyna.

Things heated up between Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen

Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen
Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen

It began with Blac Chyna flexing for cameras as she stepped on the scale, and it clearly looked like she’s been training hard for the fight then she grabbed the mic and said “I seen your little rap. It was trash.” She was talking about an IG post that Alysia posted to create hype for the fight, to which Alysia Magen replied “Hey, I’m not Kim Kardashian. I’m going to knock you both out!”. Things instantly got heated up after this as Blac Chyna lunged at her, but a bunch of people stepped in to stop both of them.

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Blac Chyna cannot stand the Kardashians

The Kardashians and Blac Chyna - Blac Chyna Almost Kicks Instagram Model Alysia Magen's Teeth in For Humiliating Her
The Kardashians and Blac Chyna

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Blac Chyna lost the $100 million defamation trial against the whole Kardashian family after she was unable to prove that the famous family convinced the network to cancel her reality show, “Rob & Chyna,” in which she co-starred with Rob Kardashian. Alysia Magen exactly knew how to hit her where it hurts.

In 2017, Blac Chyna alleged that Rob Kardashian was abusive and that the Kardashian-Jenners were responsible for the cancellation of the former couple’s short-lived show “Rob & Chyna”. She sued the entire family over claims of defamation, assault, battery, domestic violence, and interference with prospective economic relations.

Rob Kardashian doesn’t enjoy the media attention unlike his family and has largely remained out of the spotlight. He also doesn’t appear in his family’s reality series. He did not even attend his big sister Kourtney’s wedding in Italy.

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Blac Chyna’s trainer, Tamara Frapasella-Fortune, went against Kim Kardashian in a charity match in 2009

Kim Kardashian vs Tamara Frapasella-Fortune - Blac Chyna Almost Kicks Instagram Model Alysia Magen's Teeth in For Humiliating Her
Kim Kardashian vs Tamara Frapasella-Fortune boxing match in 2009

A lot of people don’t know that Kim Kardashian had a boxing fight in 2009. Unfortunately, she lost the match but to be fair, she gave it a good go despite clearly not having boxing experience. The fight was against Tamara Frapasella-Fortune, who is training Blac Chyna for her fight against Alysia Magen. After her fight, she mentioned in her blog “It was absolutely insane [but] at the end of the day, we did this for charity and that’s what counts,” which was true as the event was a huge success, raising $11,000 for charity.

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