Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible is a superhero show based on the eponymous comics. Created by Robert Kirkman, the show follows Mark Grayson, a regular teenager who navigates a world where his father is the most powerful man on the planet. Things take an interesting turn when Mark discovers his powers and sets out to journey away from his father’s omnipotent shadow. After season 1 was immensely successful, showrunners did not take long to premiere season 2 which has been sending shockwaves of delight across the audiences.

What Happens in Invincible Season 2 Finale?

Angstrom Levy in Invincible
Angstrom Levy in Invincible

Inspired by the burgeoning trend of various dimensions and alternate realities, season 2 of Invincible showcased Mark fighting antagonist Angstrom Levy in a multiversal setting. The dramatic finale ends with a showdown where Mark is forced to protect his mother and half-brother while fending off the menacing villain. Angstrom kidnaps Deborah and Oliver to distract Mark’s attention.

He then sends Mark through various dimensions where Mark meets Agent Spider, a character eerily similar to Batman and more diverse worlds. Finally, Mark’s anger reaches a tipping point after which the duo come face to face on a wasteland to determine who will emerge victorious. However, Mark does not realize the powers he is capable of and beats Angstrom until only a crimson puddle remains.

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His last words to Angstrom are “I thought you were stronger,” an ode to the episode’s title. This is a turning point in Mark’s life as he has not intentionally killed a person who could have been restrained or put away for good. His anger got the best of him and he could not resist the urge to punish Angstrom. Atom Eve from the future along with Guardians of the Globe rescues Mark from the wasteland after which she advises Mark to express his true feelings for Eve in his reality.

In the end, Mark realizes he has to come to terms with his true self and learn how to best control his powers. He makes some tough decisions and tries to speak to Eve about his feelings but eventually pulls away. This entire event sets up many arcs for the upcoming season as fans gear up for Mark’s self-exploratory journey and his simultaneous love story with Eve.

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Is Angstrom Levy Dead?

Angstrom Levy in Invincible
Angstrom Levy in Invincible

Looking at the blood splatter on Mark and the surrounding areas of the wasteland, any sane human would think that Angstrom was dead. However, we all know things work differently in a superhero world. People are known to come alive out of nowhere whether through the best medical attention or through some secret power herb that nurses them back to life. What villains hate the most, apart from getting beat up so horribly, is failing to exact their revenge.

By the end of the season, we don’t see Angstrom’s body or what happens to him. This means that the creators wanted to leave it open-ended and see if he could be back to fulfill his claims. Given the show has been following the story and pattern of the Invincible comics, we can know a great deal about Angstrom from the comics too. The villain survives the thrashing by Mark albeit with a lot of difficulty. He takes his time to recuperate and regain his health.

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What happens in the comics?

Mark Grayson in Invincible season 2
Mark Grayson in Invincible Season 2

In the comics, Angstrom manages to contact Technicians, the doctors of the inter-dimension so that they can help him come back to life. They succeed in the end and Angstrom is back in shape. This is bad news for Mark since he appears to believe that he has killed Angstrom which sends him into a guilt spiral. We can expect Angstrom to be back towards the end of season 3 or maybe even the beginning of season 4. He is yet to get his revenge and he will not rest until he destroys Mark and his family.

We believe Angstrom will be back because the show has yet to shed light on one of the most menacing storylines in Invincible. Angstrom exacts his revenge by collecting all the evil versions of Mark Grayson across the multiverse. His army of evil Marks has to face the real Mark and rack up an impressive number of kills. Angstrom’s plan is one of the darkest plots in Invincible and one of the toughest fights in Mark’s life. Known as the Invincible War, this storyline even gathers more superheroes because Mark cannot face this threat alone.

Invincible season 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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