The superhero world changed forever in 2008 with Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau. The film made its debut to earn half a billion at the box office and introduced the “groundbreaking Cinematic Universe” to all fans. The film also saw the rebirth of Robert Downey Jr, who was a natural fit for the role.

However, Downey wasn’t the first choice to reprise the role. It was Jon Favreau who saw something in Downey’s performance that untimely won him the role. Today we will discuss 3 actors who almost got the role, 3 who could have and 1 who should.

Almost: Tom Cruise
Mission Impossible Star Tom Cruise was extremely close to getting the role of Iron Man. While appearing in an interview while filming the sixth part of Mission Impossible, Cruise clarified that, ”

It’s not very hard to imagine Cruise playing the role as his legendary stunts would’ve added a new flavour to the franchise.

Almost: Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage’s name has been linked with a number of projects since years now. After missing out on playing Norman Osborn in Spider-Man and then Superman in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, Cage was rumoured to play Iron Man in the MCU.

However, he would’ve been an odd choice to play the role and he landed up with Ghost Rider in 2007 and later played Big Daddy in 2010’s Kick-Ass.

Almost: Timothy Olyphant
Timothy Olyphant got close to play Iron Man after he auditioned for the role of Tony Stark on the same day as Robert Downey Jr.

He would’ve been a solid choice but his resistance to franchise filmmaking kept him away from various other known roles in Hollywood.

Could: Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer never gave an audition for Iron Man but he did give his audition for Batman. He was even cast to reprise the role in George Miller’s Justice League Immortal.

Ever since the actor’s name has been linked to many superhero roles. He has a resonant voice and apt physicality along with a square jaw. Moreover, he’s also the real-life hero go a multi-million dollar fortune.

Could: Miles Teller
Forget the Divergent series and Fantastic Four, Miles Teller was made for Iron Man. While his acting is brilliant beyond words, he has a great comic timing that even helped him hold his ground against Jonah Hill.

He has done various roles and fits as the perfect candidate to wear the Iron Man suit. He will be next seen in Top Gun 2 alongside Tom Cruise.

Could: Chris Pine
After doing prominent roles in the Star Trek and Wonder Woman franchises, Pine has emerged as a candidate to play the role even after Downey decides to retire.

He may be older than a few heroes but he’s still younger than Robert Downey Jr. Depending on which direction Marvel decides to go with the character, he’s perfect to play a seasoned yet wild child version of Tony Stark.

Should (But Won’t): Jon Hamm
Hamm actually played a version of Tony Stark in AMC’s Mad Men and was long rumoured to oaky the role Back in 2007. From fighting the role of Superman to flirting with the notion of playing Batman, Hamm is the perfect actor for the role.

However, This will never happen. His age limits the number of sequels he can do and his inseparability with the Don Draper persona is a major hurdle, one that not even Bat-Hamm, Super-Hamm or Iron Hamm could surpass.

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