Iron Man is an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark is a deadly combination of wealth and understanding; He is a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and of immense intellect. Tony is neither a god nor a ministering angel. He is also a human, so obviously, he is prone to committing errors at times.

Iron Man: Everything We Can Learn For The Mistakes He Made
Iron man mistakes

But we should learn from other’s blunders, be it small or large. Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote that ” Learn from the mistakes of others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

A Communication Gap with Spider-Man

In Spider-man Homecoming, Peter was overly excited and looking forward to the “Stark internship,”  However, during the ferry incident, Peter lands in all kinds of problems – trying to get to the bottom of the arms smuggling deal, almost drowning, and almost losing everyone aboard a ferry. In contrast, Iron man snatches Peter’s suit and awards him as incapable after the ferry incident. If Tony had been communicative with Peter from the very beginning a number of mishaps could have been bypassed. 

Tony Stark took Peter's suit
Tony Stark took Peter’s suit

Didn’t reveal his sickness

During Iron Man 2, Tony Stark faced internal conflicts mentally and physically. As he struggled with the legacy, wanted to leave and was slowly dying from the palladium core in the arc reactor, but he didn’t share it with anyone. Typically, he was shattered with his inescapable death and was clueless about his situation. Even he couldn’t find a substitute for palladium. 

Tony Stark in Iron man-2

Additionally, Iron man became hasty, and if Pepper and Rhodey did not arbitrate, he could injure several people at his birthday party. Tony’s action offended his friends, which is equally appropriate as they have equal right to know regarding their buddy’s life problems. His companions can sooner discover the systematic solution of an issue if he dares to partake. Sharing concerns can make life as easy as pie and enhance issue-resolving speed is an essential lesson that Iron man’s aberration teaches us. 

Iron Man gave an address to The Mandarin

The biggest blunder Tony Stark did is to provide his address to the bad guys in Iron Man3. His foolish act led his and Pepper’s lives in danger. Thankfully, they were saved as their destiny plays a significant role. 

Tony gave address to strangers
Tony gave address to strangers

However, at this moment, Tony’s judgment gets off the track and led them in trouble. This example is an extreme case, but it teaches us a powerful lesson that individuals should never give their details to strangers. 

Fought Over The Sokovia Accords

In the movie Captain America: Civil War, there was The Avengers’ division due to the Sokovia Accords. Tony wants to supervise his team, but Captain America was against the idea. Further, Tony strongly insisted that he is right and that Steve and those that supported him should follow suit.

Tony Stark and Steve Jobs
Tony Stark and Steve Jobs

It leads to a massive fight between Captain America and Iron Man and even started the new chapter in Avengers history. But the significant value we should learn is that we can’t force someone to concur with our Point of view as Tony was only buckling his idea and doesn’t give a shit to Cap’s one. 

Disclosed his identity

Tony Stark revealed his identity of being Iron Man despite S.H.I.E.L.D.’s instruction. Tony spills out his secret in a press conference. Despite the story hand, Tony Stark revealed his identity of being Iron Man despite S.H.I.E.L.D.’s instruction. Tony spills out his secret in a press conference despite the story hand over to him. It’s something he did in the spur of the moment, but it changed his life drastically.

Tony Stark disclosed his identity
Tony Stark disclosed his identity

Although he may have struggled with keeping his superhero identity a secret; at least he’d get to live that part of his life in private. It should be far better if only his close friends like Pepper and Rhodey knew his real identity. We can learn that sometimes it is necessary to sustain your secrets for your family and friends’ well-being.

Iron Man’s Selfishness

In the initial part of the Iron Man franchise, Tony Stark was too selfish and a womanizer. He did care about his friends and loved ones. Promptly he made Rhodey wait for him for quite a long time before he boarded his plane to Afghanistan. And he didn’t remember Pepper’s birthday.

Tony Stark and Rhodey
Tony Stark and Rhodey

Initially, he did not bother regarding others’ feelings and gave importance to himself. However, shortly once his awful experience in Afganistan, he changes his attitude. The way he treated his friends may be a lesson to be learned, especially if you have friends as good as Rhodey and Pepper.

His inability to trust others

Tony’s life was choked with shocks; at first, he has an unhealthy relationship with his father. Later his parents got murdered. These problems made him unable to connect with others. Tony solely had several trusty folks in his life in Iron Man, including Pepper, Rhodey, and Obadiah Stane.

Tony Stark and Pepper
Tony Stark and Pepper

He even waited for long before he voiced his feeling to Pepper and start a new chapter in his life.


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