The famous rapper has gotten himself into yet another scandal. The rapper, singer, and actor from Canada is named Aubrey Drake Graham. A significant figure in modern popular music. The internet has maintained a constant back and forth when it comes to Drake’s image in the media. However, recently the singer uploaded a picture of a random woman that was simply on her phone in a restaurant. The picture in question was uploaded to the rapper’s Instagram account as a story.

Rapper Drake reportedly took snapshots of a woman without consent


The rapper uploaded the image on his Instagram page on Thursday. Drake even added a caption to the image. “Tried to airdrop this woman a pic of herself ’cause she’s a dime.” This caption instantly hints at the fact that not only did the celebrity click the picture without the knowledge of the lady, but also attempted the send her the picture through an airdrop. Shockingly, this is still not one of the most disturbing or cringe-worthy things that that personality is known for allegedly grooming the Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown. 

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The woman in the shot looks surprisingly similar to Drakes’ mother

Drake clicked a picture of an unsuspecting woman
Drake clicked a picture of an unsuspecting woman

For the lady in the picture, fans were quick to pick up visual similarities between the lady and Drake’s mother. As both the women have blonde hair. This fact instantly makes the act multiplies the creepy factor that it gives off. However, there is a minuscule chance that the star simply had no clue as to how disturbing the act of snapping pictures of random strangers without their consent could be. Despite that, it is abundantly clear that the rapper has no lack of confidence if he really did attempt to airdrop the image to the lady.

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Fans react to the seemingly creepy act with a variety of emotions

Drake beside his mother
Drake beside his mother

Even though Drake has been made fun of throughout the internet for a variety of reasons, this one seems to be one of the more realistic cases. The fan following of Drake sought Twitter for their thoughts on the creepy act as the platform is famous for stirring reactions and controversies. However, their reactions vary from comedy to questionable comments on the topic.

Even though privacy is not exactly a luxury in public areas such as restaurants, the act still feels like a form violation. The lady in question would undoubtedly be taken aback after finding her face floating around news sites. What are your thoughts about Drake clicking pictures of completely random strangers for his amusement?

Source: BuzzFeed

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