The Marvel Cinematic Universe fame star Jeremy Renner has once again made his way to the headlines as recent updates on his love life have sparked excitement among the fans. Renner who is well known for his role as Hawkeye, has found himself in a swirl of rumors after being spotted with a mystery woman who looks similar to ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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Jeremy Renner Spotted with Ex-Wife Look Alike

After a tumultuous divorce and custody battle with ex-wife Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy Renner is rumored to found love in a mysterious lady who looks exactly like her ex.

Rener was spotted with a mystery brunette woman at an event in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. While many fans and news outlets have speculated that the woman is none other than Pacheco, Page Six has confirmed that it is not Pacheco.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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While Renner’s date bore a very striking resemblance to his ex-wife, an eyewitness told Page Six that she was not Pacheco. The sources also reported to Page Six that both Renner and his date looked friendly and spent the entire night together at the opening of Level 8.

Talking about this to Page Six the source stated further “I don’t think that they were romantic, but they were together the majority of the evening to the point that they went to a nightclub in that same area and they were together at the table.”

The sources also reported both Renner and his date were seen whispering pretty closely to each other throughout the night sharing a great rapport.

All About Jeremy Renner and Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco’s Divorce

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco were married between 2014 and 2015. While their marriage did not last long, they shared a daughter named Ava. However, the relationship between the two had a tumultuous end.

During their divorce proceeding Pacheco made serious allegations against Renner stating physical abuse, drug abuse, and death threats. She also blamed Renner for emotional physical and sexual abuse to both her and her daughter. According to Pacheco, Renner placed a weapon in his mouth and threatened to pull the trigger.

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco
Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco

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Although Renner completely denied any of these statements. Talking about this to Men’s Health Renner said “I don’t respond publicly or privately to nonsense. It only empowers it … If you respond to it, you give it gas. I don’t fuel s–t fires. I just don’t do it. I refuse to.”

Not only this Renner went ahead to take random drug tests and hired a mental health specialist to prove that he could provide a safe environment for his daughter. After a long custody battle, both Renner and Pacheco shared part-time custody of their daughter.

Source: Page Six, Marca 

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