One of the most controversial celebrities Kanye West or Ye never fails to make headlines whether it be for what he says or what he wears. The latter is exactly what’s happening these days with the rapper as he has recently been sporting new and much different fashion along with his wife Bianca Censori.

Moreover even while hanging out with his two kids recently, Ye wore the same fashion consisting of a shoulder pad underneath a black shirt and sock-looking shoes without any soles. This has led some people to bring up his bipolar disorder and that he might be compensating for his controversies by driving away the attention from himself and toward his fashion choice.

Is Kanye West Trying To Compensate For His Controversies By Sporting Daring Fashion Looks?

Kanye West and Bianca Censori
Kanye West and Bianca Censori

After getting canceled for his many controversial remarks, particularly the anti-Semitic ones, Kanye West or Ye is making headlines once again. But this time instead of any problematic remarks, the rapper has caught people’s attention with his fashion choice these days. He has been sporting the same outfits involving a huge shoulder pad underneath a black T-shirt and shoes that appear like socks and without soles.

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The Donda rapper has been spotted in the outfit outside two times already now. A week ago he was photographed in the same fashion along with his wife and Yeezy’s architectural designer. The latter has also been making headlines with her fashion choices these days.

North West and Saint West
North West and Saint West

Furthermore, Ye wore the same thing during a recent outing with his two kids North West and Saint West. He shares them and two more kids with his former wife Kim Kardashian. Some think that this might be his way of communicating for all the controversies he has gotten himself into in the last years. The black shirt he wore recently during the outing with his kids had a Polizie written on it. The word is German for ‘police’ and for those who might not know the Heartless rapper is infamous for making anti-Semitic remarks. Therefore wasting a shirt with that specific German word just seems very intentional in his case.

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A Brief Look at Kanye West’s Controversies

Kanye West
Kanye West

In the past couple of years, Kanye West or Ye has been more of a controversial figure than a rapper. He has found himself in hot waters multiple times due to his controversial remarks. It all went awry for the rapper when he tweeted about going to “death con 3 on Jewish people”. Following that he also tweeted a picture that looked similar to the Nazi symbol ‘Swastika’. Apart from that another controversial issue that the rapper became a part of was his White Lives Matter label on his Yeezy shirts.

Since then he has been canceled by various fellow celebrities and many of his corporate backups have also cut tied with him including Adidas.

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