Kelly Ripa has been quite open about her personal life on her talk show, Live With Kelly And Ryan. Her family members have also made appearances on her show, including her youngest son Joaquin Antonio Consuelos. During one of the episodes on the show, the actress opened up about raising his youngest son, who struggled with dyslexia and dysgraphia. The youngest child of Ripa and Consuelos has also joined his mother on her talk show occasionally, and the mother of 3 loves showing off her son’s skills. While talking about her son, she shared how her husband became very emotional when he found out Joaquin Consuelos was going to college.

Kelly Ripa with her youngest son, Joaquin Antonio Consuelos
Kelly Ripa with her youngest son, Joaquin Antonio Consuelos

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Kelly Ripa Talks About Her Youngest Son

Kelly Ripa has shared several stories about her family and kids on her show. While talking about her kids once, Ripa shared about her youngest son is now looking forward to going to college. She said, “Joaquin is trying to decide on a college right now and he’s got lots of options.”

Sharing her husband’s reaction to the news she said that the Riverdale actor got very emotional because he never thought his youngest son would be able to go to college. The All My Children star shared, “Mark got very emotional, very choked up because he said, you know, ‘I never thought he’d be able to go to college’ because he was profoundly dyslexic and dysgraphic.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos with their youngest son
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos with their youngest son

Kelly Ripa further shared how dyslexia can be a “blessing.” She explained that there is a “misunderstood learning difference” and people often don’t understand the situation. Ripa also shared that kids with dyslexia have a strong hold on other skills. She gave the example of the American broadcaster, Anderson Cooper, who also struggled with the disorder.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes a person to struggle with reading, writing, and identifying speech sounds and there is no cure for the disorder. However, many have shown that it can be overcome. Some of the successful people who suffered from the disorder include Mohammad Ali, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Cruise.

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Kelly Ripa’s Son is Excited For the Next Chapter of His Life

Kelly Ripa has shared that with the help of his school, Joaquin Antonio Consuelos has overcome his disability and is excited to step into the next chapter of his life. The talk show host feels thankful to his school as she considers that his school played a “key role in making this possible.”

Joaquin Consuelos with his parents and siblings
Joaquin Consuelos with his parents and siblings

“Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw, thankfully here in New York City, there are schools that are (learning disability) schools that specialize in that, so we were very fortunate here,” she said.

Joaquin Antonio Consuelos is currently a student at the University of Michigan. He is also a part of Michigan Wolverines, the wrestling team of the University of Michigan. The youngest Consuelos developed a passion for wrestling during high school, and many even think that he has the potential to be a professional wrestler.

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Source: Live with Kelly and Ryan

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