In a candid interview, the celebrated martial artist and actor Jet Li talked about why he named his fighting style the drunk style. Li who is renowned for his exceptional on-screen combat skills has revealed the intriguing backstory behind his unique fighting style.

Jet Li
Jet Li

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Jet Li Talks About His Drunken Style

Jet Li the renowned martial artist talked about his exceptional drunken style. Li who started his acting career in 1982 with Shaolin Temple, has indeed left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with films like Hero, Fist of Legend, Romeo Must Die, and Fearless. Although it was more of his fighting style that was admired by all.

Back in 2005 talking about this unique style Li revealed that his secret for success was his attitude. Li said that it was his smile that let him gain all the success he did. Talking about this Li said, “It’s a smile. It matters to people because the way you’ll hurt people, they will [want] revenge. You’ll fight again and again and never stop. Just smile, make people happy, and then we will stop.”

Jet Li
Jet Li

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Whereas talking about his drunken style, Li said he named his fighting style after a drunk man’s name as it appears that physically he is drunk but mentally he is very clear. Talking about this Li said “We create a movement and a physicality like a drunk guy physically. But mentally, it’s very clear.”

Jet Li also talked about the advantages of this fighting style. Talking about this Li said, “You know, when they punch you, you sit back and duck and duck”.

Despite all these years people are still very fond of Li’s style and many fans still wish to see him perform live.

Where is Jet Li now?

The renowned martial artist, Jet Li who is well known for his athletic build and youthful looks in the past decade or so has been ill and out of the spotlight for a while. For the last few years public appearance of this well-known martial artist has been very limited.

As per the reports the action star was said to be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in 2010. Due to this illness, Li was strictly told by the doctor that if he continued to do physically demanding action movies he would end up in a wheelchair.

Jet Li in Mulan
Jet Li in Mulan

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Ever since then Jet Li has not seen any major Hollywood role aside from his 2020 role in Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan. Even when Li was offered this role, he initially rejected it but his two daughters forced him to take on the role.

Now Jet Li is spending his time traveling across the globe. He was last seen in the Czech Republic with his daughter Jada where he attended a retreat in July.

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