Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a world of superheroes where they showcase their superpowers to save and survive. Fans have been amazed to see Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man with an amusing superpower to shrink to the size of an ant and hold on to human strength.

Ant Man
Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

Fans have been curious to know more about Ant-Man’s powers and if there’s a limit to it or not. Giving this question importance, Marvel finally has an answer. In this article, we unveil the answer and how Ant-Man’s power can give him both advantages and disadvantages.

Marvel’s Response to the Toll of Ant-Man’s Growing Powers

Paul Rudd

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Marvel revealed a worthy of attention issue that comes in when Paul Rudd‘s character Scott Lang or Ant-Man uses his power to shrink to a small ant and grow huge as Giant-Man, evolving into a giant superhero. Fans have been super excited to witness such superpowers of Ant-Man. But with this captivating excitement came questions in the minds of Marvel enthusiasts. What can be the toll on the human body when Ant-man is employing such a superpower? Here’s the response:

“But seriously, from what I’ve experienced, self-enlargement is something any user of the Ant-Man or Wasp suit needs to be really careful with. For a variety of reasons, it takes a big toll on the human body. Or at least mine. For one thing, going big puts a strain on my nervous system. So if my size hits a certain threshold, I start to see things, like, specifically, the ground coming toward me, Fast!”

Above was the answer that Scott Lang gave in the Q&A section of Paul Rudd’s Hero’s Book per The Direct, where a fan asked whether there’s a limit to how big he can get. He also mentioned that this is a question that he dislikes to ask the inventor of Ant-Man’s superpowers’ technology as Hank Pym takes such questions as criticism like what’s the point for the character to grow bigger. He addressed the problem that enlarging can be tough on his nervous system and it will broadly affect his ability to see things strangely.

Paul Rudd Went From Hollywood’s Comedian to Marvel Superhero Sensation

Paul Rudd's Hollywood Career
Paul Rudd

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Paul Rudd’s Hollywood career is considered one of the most successful careers in the movie world. Spanning over two decades, the actor is not only renowned for action movies in Marvel but other genres including comedy and drama. Rudd started his journey in the 90s with a highly recognized role in the movie Clueless in which he played the challenging role of a stepbrother. The Ant-Man star then flaunted his comedic talents in classics like Wet Hot American Summer and also played a quirky character in Anchorman: The Legend of The Blond Burgundy.

However, it was Paul Rudd’s main role in Ant-Man that gave him an immense fanbase and global superstardom. Rudd amazed the fans with his portrayal of Scott Lang, the main character in Ant-Man 2015, where viewers enjoyed the superhero evolving into a miniature superhero and communicating with ants. And then his other ability to transform into the Giant-Man which was introduced in Captain America: Civil War that came in 2016 gave Rudd an increased fanbase.

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Source: The Direct

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