Taylor Swift is currently performing in Singapore for her phenomenal musical saga Eras Tour. The singer-songwriter has been busy flying from one continent to another either for her musical tour or to support her athlete boyfriend during Kansas City Chiefs games. Travis Kelce traveled all the way to Singapore after he came across the news of the Lavender Haze singer’s coughing fits during one of her performances.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift in Anti-Hero

Recently, Travis Klece opened up about his time spent in Singapore with his lady love on the New Heights podcast.

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Travis Kelce Talks About His Time In Singapore With Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce spoke about his Singapore trip on a recent episode of the New Heights podcast. The Kansas City Chief’s tight end revealed that he got the chance to visit the Gardens by the Bay, the world’s largest greenhouse located in Singapore. As reported by Elle, Kelce mentioned having a great time in Singapore. He said-

He said it was “fun times in Singapore. I got to check out the world’s largest greenhouse. How about that? I’m a big plant guy. Loved seeing fucking enormous trees. It was cool as fuck; they had the world’s biggest waterfall in a greenhouse, too.”

Taylor Swift
Travis kelce

While talking about being surrounded by plants at the famous greenhouse, he further said-

“It was awesome, man. The way the whole thing was laid out, it was a very controlled space. And everything was blooming at the same time, it was so fucking unique and so nice. It was hot as fuck in Singapore because it’s the smack dab middle of the summer there, so it was 100 degrees outside, and then we go to go to this chilly, 70-degree room where they are just pumping AC into these plants. And it was so lovely to just go in there and hang out in that thing and see all the amazing plants.”

Travis Kelce even brought up Taylor Swift and revealed that he got to see two shows of the Eras Tour. He said-

Yeah, got to do that, and I got to see two amazing shows of the Eras Tour. The last of the leg that Taylor has until she’s back at it here in a couple of months. Yeah, outside of that, got to get some lovely Singapore food and just catch the views.”

From celebrating the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl to being around his brother during his retirement- Travis Kelce has been busy. However, with his Singapore trip, he proved that he is the best boyfriend in the world.

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Australian TikToker’s Story About Taylor Swift Proves That She Genuinely Cares for Her Fans

Recently an Australian TikToker Brooke Littler diverted the attention of Taylor Swift fans. According to Yahoo, Littler met Taylor Swift back in 2019, when the celebrated singer was about to launch her album Lover. As mentioned by the influencer in her TikTok video, she had received a mail from the publicity team of the Blank Space singer in 2019, inviting her to a listening party for the upcoming album of Swift. Brooke Littler mentioned-

“One day I just randomly got this DM (direct message) from Taylor Nation. I could not believe it. I genuinely did not believe this was real.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Look What You Made Me Do

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The message on the screen stated-

“Hi! We have noticed what a great fan you are and would love to get some more information from you!”

Brooke Littler revealed that meeting and talking to Taylor Swift in person was one of the best feelings in the world. She said-

“It was just one of the best feelings in the world to have a mutual discussion with Taylor about love and relationships.”

The TikTok video of Brooke Littler even mentioned that around 50 fans got the chance to meet the phenomenal singer during the listening party in 2019.

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