Naruto‘s worldbuilding is truly complex and well-crafted, so much so that the world feels real. The series has its own history and a timetable that the fans can delve into. Unlike other Naruto characters, the Three Legendary Sannin – Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru – have originated from folklore and are known for their prowess in the Second Great Ninja War.


The Three Legendary Sannin are also known for their incredible accomplishments in the ninja world and most of the shinobi world speaks of them with so much reverence that they have become legends. With their history dating so far back, it is easy to see how some of their accomplishments have impacted the story.

Although Jiraiya shares an intricate relationship with the rest of his comrades, his own backstory also has an important role in the series. Of the three Sannin, Jiraiya’s exploits have the biggest influence on the plot. Considering Jiraiya’s long history with the ninja world and his significance in the narrative, his perspective on the events in Naruto could be quite fascinating. Apparently, Masashi Kishimoto had the same view.

According to Masashi Kishimoto, Jiraiya’s Story Would Be An Interesting Point of View


Naruto‘s creator, Masashi Kishimoto, went to the United States in 2015 to participate in the New York Comic-Con. In an interview with Anime News Network, the manga artist was asked which character’s perspective would he choose to retell the story of Naruto.

Kishimoto had an unlikely answer, saying that he was interested in Jiraiya’s perspective because he wanted to delve into Jiraiya’s backstory. He commented:

“This actually just came to me but, for example, if I were to draw the story from Jiraiya’s viewpoint, from what we’ve already seen of Jiraiya he’s very… not so much arrogant, but overconfident, blusterous, and very, very skilled. But there was a time when he was still young, when he didn’t really know much and he was kind of dumb too. So it’d be interesting to show that contrast.”

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The author was also interested in the time Jiraiya grew up in, which was an era of primitive jutsu and wanted to juxtapose it with the modern era. He further said:

“Also, Jiraiya grew up in a time when the jutsu that we know now in the current Naruto worldview had not been refined, or even developed in some cases. So I think it would be fun to show that gap.”

In fact, Kishimoto is not the only one who is intrigued by Jiraiya’s perspective. Redditors took to r/Naruto to ask fellow fans about any character spin-off they would like to see, and several fans expressed their interest in a spin-off centered on Jiraiya.

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Given that Jiraiya is a funny, charismatic, and smart character, many fans are certain that he would make for an interesting spinoff character. His sense of humor would also naturally add to the comedy in the series, and with his animated personality, there would be no shortage of fight scenes. However, it seems highly unlikely for Kishimoto to roll out a spin-off centered around Jiraiya anytime soon.

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