Tom Cruise has been the heartthrob of Hollywood for a very long time. However, his lack of stability in his romantic life makes us disheartened. No matter who Cruise dated, fans have nearly loved all of his relationships and romantic associations. Although his relationship with Nicole Kidman stuck with us the most, it seems Tom Cruise himself was more fond of Penelope Cruz.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise with Penelope Cruz

After winning over Nicole Kidman and suffering a bad divorce, Tom Cruise showed his interest in Penelope Cruz. Meeting the Oscar-winning actress while being married to Kidman, Cruise initiated his affection after getting divorced. Although his relationship with Cruz wasn’t a long-lasting one, the pair still love to look back to their good old days. 

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Tom Cruise Showered Penelope Cruz With Affection

During the early 2000s, Tom Cruise was still married to Nicole Kidman. After a year of being together, the couple tied the knot in 1990. However, after being married for more than a decade, the couple faced an inevitable divorce in 2001. Reportedly refusing to be a member of the Church of Scientology, Kidman, and Cruise ended up on different pages and therefore had a bitter split. 

Further, it was reported, in 2000 Cruise met Penelope Cruz while shooting Vanilla Sky. Despite being still married, Tom Cruise initiated a friendship with the actress, however, began their relationship after his divorce and the wrapup of the film. Although the couple tried keeping their relationship lowkey and private, during the early stage, fans were still aware and quite fond of their bond. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise showered his love on Penelope Cruz

Later on, during a press conference, Penelope Cruz mentioned, how she loved Tom Cruise‘s “generosity” and the way “He cares about everyone that is around him.”. Further, even Cruise opened up about his affection for Cruz, and stated, “She’ll come home, and I’ll have her favorite kind of food made, have a bath drawn. I like doing stuff like that. She likes my food, so I cook for her. It’s always the little things I like in a relationship.” 

Expressing their love for each other, the couple made their relationship public and continued their bond for two and a half years. 

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Tom Cruise And Penelope Cruz’s Amicable Split

No matter how much of a simp you are, if it is to end, it will end. Similarly, even after being great friends and co-workers, Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz‘s relationship came to an end after two and a half years. Cruise’s publicists assured reporters about the actor’s split with Cruz. Despite their separation, the two remained good friends and ended on a rather friendly note. “They remain good friends and still talk often,” Cruz’s reps mentioned, further adding, “There is no other person involved.” 

After keeping their separation on a low note, it was later revealed by People, “The relationship just ran its course and they decided not to be girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. Through most of the relationship, they were both shooting movies in separate parts of the world.” Digging deep into the reason for their breakup it was known that Tom Cruise lost another possible relationship because of his adamant belief in the Church of Scientology. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz remain friends

Although Cruz’s reps tried hard to maintain that Cruise’s involvement with the Church of Scientology wasn’t a reason, they later provided conflicting reports. According to Maureen Orth from Vanity Fair, Cruz “ran afoul of [church leader David Miscavige]” since she was unwilling to “forsake her Buddhist beliefs.” 

Irrespective of what their actual reason was for their separation, the two stayed good friends. Both the actors further went on to date other people and lead a normal life while remaining amicable exes to each other. 

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