Clark Kent is headed to WarWorld and is passing the torch of Earth’s Superman to his son Jon Kent.
Thus, DC fans are officially getting a brand new Superman after the events in the DC Comic Superman: Son of Kal-El #3. Superman is now out of the Justice League as he interfered in an International Conflict that involved a Genesis Fragment in Action Comics #1035.

And now Clark Kent is all set to visit WarWorld  and free all the prisoners that Mongol had captured out there. There is no doubt that this step would have created an issue as there would have been no one to protect the Earth without Superman.
The Man of Steel has a solution to fix this problem and that is his son Jon Kent.
Clark had been preparing Jon for this very moment for sometime now. And Jon is absolutely terrified of the fact that his father is leaving because of the challenges that wait for him and as the Legion of Super-Heroes did suggest Clark would die at some point. But they have to put their fears behind.

This comes as in a recent trip to future, the younger Kryptonian received the news that his father is killed somehow off- planet. But in the current week’s issue, Superman puts his son’s fears at ease by telling him that he doesn’t believe in fate and he believes in Jon.

He has all the faith that Jon is prepared for this moment considering he has taught him every lesson and his experiences with other superheroes to help him face every challenge.
The father- son duo have a touching moment before Clark departs.

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According to the writer Sean Lewis, “The biggest thing for Jon is learning the responsibility of it all.”

Whether John Kent likes it or not, he now officially is the Superman of Earth. We understand it must have been devastating to see his father fly away to a faraway planet, but Jon understands that Kal-El needs to save those who are stranded on WarWorld.
Fans will have to wait and watch if Jon will live up to his father’s expectations as he protects the Earth.

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