Kim Kardashian and her skincare brand SKKN by Kim have been subject to a fair amount of controversy already. The brand is already hated on by the masses for its copyright infringement of the brand name and its outrageous pricing among many other factors. Anything that any member of the ridiculously privileged Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan does in the name of benefiting others or (most especially) their advice only get flak and hate in response because people are tired of their shenanigans, Kim’s skincare brand being a latest of them.

SKKN by Kim – Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line
Kim Kardashian’s skincare line SKKN by Kim has been controversial since its inception

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Corny self-promotion by Kim Kardashian

This Thursday, the skincare brand owner decided to post a promotional video for her SKKN by Kim exfoliator with a super corny video of herself exfoliating her face as part of her morning skincare routine and pouting for the camera. She captioned the video, “It’s a @SKKN kind of exfoliating morning.” The background track of Muni Long’s ‘Hrs & Hrs’ was set to the video. SKKN by Kim’s official Instagram account commented on the video with three brown hearts.

You can watch Kim Kardashian’s post HERE.

People on Twitter did not disappoint with their hilarious remarks about the video.

Netizens even trolled Kim Kardashian for making the “kissy” face for the video.

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Kim Kardashian on her skincare brand

Kim Kardashian has been vocal about her latest business venture, like any business owner would be. She spoke with People about her skincare brand with reference to her life as well:

“There is nothing I would trade to go back to who I once was. The wisdom that I have now, I don’t care how young I looked. I am so much happier in my skin now.”

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For the release of SKKN by Kim, Kardashian was on the Today Show last month. She described in detail what all constituted the skincare line:

“This is exactly what I use. It’s a nine-step system but you only use eight products at the same time, one’s a day and one’s a night oil. I think people were really wanting me to go with just a few products with launching something but at my age, there’s a lot that goes into making sure my skin is well taken care of and I wanted to share exactly what I use.”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian released SKKN by Kim on the Today Show

SKKN by Kim is in partnership with beauty conglomerate Coty. The press release for the brand stated that it includes nine products designed to “bridge the gap between the world’s most renowned dermatological experts and people at home seeking high-performance skincare… [It provides] care for all skin types, tones and textures at every stage of maturity.”

However, all this thought-out publicity cannot fool people who are now mature enough to see through major gigantic corporate advertising agendas. There has been quite a lot of (rightful) flak on Twitter.

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Bonding over popping pimples?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim K and Pete Davidson trolled for bonding over “injecting pimples”

Kim Kardashian also talked about her boy-toy Pete Davidson’s love for skincare.

“I’ve learned so much about skincare actually from him. He’s really into skincare. That’s like our thing, we go to dermatologists and facials.”

The reality TV star had also revealed on the eighth episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians in June that she and beau Davidson bonded over skincare. She recalled an incident:

“I fell asleep at 8:30, I was so tired and I woke up in the morning with dried pimple medicine on my nose. He put it on for me in my sleep because he knew that I really needed it to go away.”

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Source: People

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