British actor Josh O’Connor has revealed his favorite scene from The Crown. Famous for his role as Piotr in Doctor Who and James in Peaky Blinders, Josh O’Connor’s breakthrough came after playing a lead role in God’s Own Country. 

Josh O'Connor in Season 3 of The Crown
Josh O’Connor in Season 3 of The Crown

Connor nailed his role as Charles in the Netflix drama series The Crown, for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award in 2021. He is probably someone who likes a bit of temper at times. Connor really enjoyed his performance in the drama series and has recently talked about his favorite dialogue from it. 

Josh O’Connor’s Favorite Scene is When the Prince of Wales Got All Serious

Josh O'Connor in a still from The Crown
Josh O’Connor in a still from The Crown

After starting his career with a few supporting roles, Josh O’Connor did a phenomenal job in the Netflix drama series The Crown. Connor plays the role of Charles, the Prince of Wales in the series in the third season. In a recent interview, he happily revealed what’s his favorite scene from the series and how he managed to do that so efficiently. 

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Connor worked on the show between 2019 and 2020 and revealed that his favorite scene from the series is when he speaks to Emma Corrin (Princess of Wales in The Crown) in a very frustrated tone. He mentions one specific line that he actually enjoyed delivering in the series:

“I refuse to be blamed any longer for this grotesque misalliance”.

During an interview with WSJ. Style, Connor said:

“It’s probably my favorite scene to do in The Crown because it was just me and Emma who’s like one of my great friends and shouting at each other.”

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Connor seems to have a personal likeness for the tension in that particular scene and the weight the dialogue holds in it. Connor also mentioned that the key to delivering that dialogue so perfectly was to get really annoyed or angry.

The audience, on the other hand, was not very impressed because, in that scene, Prince Charles was not only defending his loyalty to Camilla Parker-Bowles but also speaking in a rather harsh to Princess Diana. A couple of scenes before his angry outburst, when his wife confronted him about his extramarital affair with Parker-Bowles, he admitted to loving the Princess which made her think that maybe their marriage could still work. This made his behavior with the Princess look even more awful.

Josh O’Connor on Receiving the Emmy Award

Josh O'Connor in Peaky Blinders
Josh O’Connor in Peaky Blinders

Apart from revealing his favorite scene from The Crown, British actor Josh O’Connor also shared a lot of other details in his recent interview. At the start of the interview, Connor mentioned how the royals usually speak during a conversation, that is with their mouths closed. 

“That’s true, it took me ages to unlock this door. Yeah, it was very, everyone speaks like that.”

Further ahead, Connor shared how he felt when he walked up to the stage to get his Emmy Award for his role in The Crown. Connor said that he was finally at peace that it was over, but was equally nervous about going on the stage. 

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Later in the interview, Connor also said that he is really proud of his role in episode 6 of season 3 of The Crown, which was his first-ever episode. He further added that he has ears that protrude from his head and the real King Charles has a likeness for the same. 

The Crown is available for streaming on Netflix.

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