Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s magnetic chemistry in Anyone But You has fans craving their next big rom-com, but the Top Gun: Maverick star is all set to make a huge genre leap through a Broadway musical.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell in Devotion

Despite Glen Powell’s disastrous singing in Anyone But You, followed by his family mocking him by sending videos, the actor is developing a musical with Ryan Murphy. This comes after Powell and Sweeney’s sleeper hit continues to captivate fans, emerging as the highest-grossing film adaptation of a William Shakespeare original work.

Glen Powell Developing a Musical With Ryan Murphy Despite His Flop Signing in Anyone But You 

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney‘s scene-stealing chemistry proved that an R-rated rom-com can become a bankable project. Anyone But You follows the story of Ben and Bea who initially pretend to be in love to please their families and end up developing true feelings leading to complications. Not only did viewers enjoy their on-screen relationship, but Powell’s hilarious singing skills became another reason to watch the film.

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Glen Powell
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

Wondering about the most embarrassing scene in Anyone But You, many fans would think that it was when Sweeney’s Bea discovers a spider in Ben’s pants, and he frantically strips down and throws his clothes off the cliff. However, that’s not the case at all. Glen Powell revealed to Variety that his family taunted him excessively after watching him sing Natasha Bedingfield’s 2004 hit Unwritten

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Despite the humiliation and subpar signing skills, Glen Powell also revealed developing a musical with Ryan Murphy. Though the actor did not share much details about his upcoming project, but hinted that it’s going to be an intriguing musical. The Devotion star said:

“I’m telling you it’s really fun… I feel like there’s a strong chance I will be in it.”

Hearing the confirmation from Powell, the interviewer asked if he was taking singing classes, to which Powell lightheartedly said “I’ll figure it out when the time comes”. This genre leap holds significance in Glen Powell’s career as Ryan Murphy is a renewed screenwriter, also known for producing popular TV series.

Glen Powell, despite the criticism over his signing, is enthusiastic about the Broadway musical and collaborating with Murphy. The Twisters star didn’t reveal much information about the upcoming project, but earlier joked at reprising his role as Chad Radwell from Scream Queens. However, fans have to wait until Powell spills some more tea about his upcoming musical.

Twisters is Glen Powell’s Next Upcoming Film

Glen Powell
Glen Powell in Devotion

While Powell and Sweeney are on a quest to search for another big rom-com, the Hit Man star is all set to play the leading role in Lee Isaac Chung’s upcoming Twisters. During the early stage, it was Top Gun: Maverick creator Joseph Kosinski associated with the action thriller, but in the end, it was helmed by the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Isaac Chung.

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Glen Powell shed light on the top-notch talent involved in his upcoming film and said:

“We have [Steven] Spielberg’s and Chris Nolan’s visual effects and special effects team, we have the best of the best in terms of department heads on this thing… The movie is going to be spectacular.”

Along with Glen Powell in Twisters, the cast members include Daisy Edgar-Jones, David Corenswet, and many other talented stars from Hollywood. As revealed by the actor, the filming of Isaac Chung’s film is taking place in the middle of Oklahoma and is expected to have intriguing action scenes.

Anyone But You is available on Apple TV.

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