Pete Davidson and his relationships are something that always gets everyone’s attention. From Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian, his partners have always been, astonishing to say the least. After his high-profile breakup with Kim Kardashian, it seemed like he might want to take a step back from dating for a while. However, the former SNL star was spotted last month going out with Emily Rajatkowski.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

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Sources close to both stars opened up about the relationship recently and things are looking good so far. However, the fans have different theories in mind considering how all of Davidson’s previous relationships have ended. The fans are almost sure that this relationship is also not going to go any different.

Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski are happy together

According to sources, the duo is “seeing each other” and enjoying each other’s company. Although the reps for both have not issued an official statement, they have been seen hanging out and going out together multiple times since the last month. A source close to Pete Davidson recently said, “They are going strong and getting a little more serious.” The source further added, “it’s always the same thing with him: he really makes her laugh and keeps things fun.

Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski
Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski

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Another source close to the American model and actress talked about how Emily Rajatkowski feels going out with Davidson. The source said, “She keeps seeing Pete and is enjoying it. Pete is very chill and understanding about her being a mom too. It’s a nice situation for Em. It’s fun without any stress.” The couple has been in the news for the last month as they were seen in public a number of times.

Fans troll Pete Davidson and expect that another breakup is coming soon

It is always the same story with every woman the former SNL star gets with. They get together and have a good thing going for a while, Davidson will get a tattoo for them, and then out of blue, he would get dumped again. It has almost become a routine at this point. One user on Twitter wrote, “it’s the same pattern with each gal.

Another user trolled him saying that even after the breakup, they will be “lifelong close friends.”

Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski
Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski

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Despite the trolling and memes, Emily Rajatkowski and Pete Davidson are happy with each other and have a good thing going on.

Source: Twitter

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