James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe is about to present their first project to the world, starring Cobra Kai actor Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle, one of DC’s lesser-known superheroes with a devoted fan base.

Xolo Mariduea, who plays Jaime Reyes in the film, is a variation of the character who debuted in 2006’s Infinite Crisis, and fans were immediately captivated by him. The film is one of DC’s most anticipated, but it is not being advertised, and the lead actor has explained why.

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 Xolo Maridueña
Xolo Maridueña attends a special preview screening

Xolo Maridueña urges fans to support DC Studios’ upcoming Blue Beetle 

Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña recently shared a heartfelt message on his social media announcing that he will no longer be able to promote his upcoming and highly awaited DC movie due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

He said,

“We had so much great stuff aligned and I really wish that we could get it to you guys, but we need to stand on the right side of history and because of that we’re planting our feet in the ground. With that being said, this is a fantastic movie and, you know, it needs to be seen on a bigger screen.”

Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña
Xolo Maridueña supports SAG-AFTRA Strike

The actor also urged fans across the world to support the movie when it comes out, irrespective of if he promotes it or not and added a special thank you to the Blue Beetle Battalion who have been engaging a lot on social media and hyping the movie.

He noted,

“If you know of Blue Beetle, you’re gonna love the movie and if you don’t know, he’s gonna be your new favorite superhero. With that being said, I love you all, to all the supporters, to the Blue Beetle f**king battalion, y’all are killing it.”

The Latino actor mentioned in his post that he won’t be able to promote the movie but the fans can remind them that it’s time for them to show how much they love the movie and do it for the opportunity for culture.

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Xolo Maridueña on the future of Jamie Reyes in DC Universe

The actor who is playing the main lead in the upcoming superhero movie Blue Beetle was asked what the future would be like during an interview with Fandango to which he said that “I think it’s up to the audience to watch the movie. It’s up to everyone to show up for the movie and it’s so wonderful that we get to make movies like this.” 

Blue Beetle
Xolo Maridueña talks about the future of Jamie Reyes in DC Universe

He added that if the movie does well at the box office and people like it, the success of the movie could open more doors, hinting that they are staying positive and have a whole thing set up, noting about many Beetles from so many comics. The actor is grateful that the studios have decided to take the first step toward making a live-action Latino superhero movie.

The question of the future of Blue Beetle was asked since the past couple of movies by DC Studios have not received the amount of love, appreciation, and revenue it expected from it.

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Xolo Maridueña explains why the setting was changed from El Paso to Palmera City

The actor recently spoke to Fandango where he explained why the setting of the upcoming superhero movie Blue Beetle was changed from El Paso to Palmera City. He said that Palmera City is a city that is specifically made for Blue Beetle and for the storyline that the studio is trying to share with the movie.

Maridueña further said that the decision of switching settings was taken after considering that the character deserved his city just like how Batman had Gotham, and Superman has Metropolis the makers wanted Jaime Reyes to have his own. In the movie, Xolo Maridueña is going to play Mexican American teenager Jaime Reyes, whose alter ego is Blue Beetle and is the third character to assume the Blue Beetle mantle.

Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña
Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña

The Cobra Kai actor said, “It has the sound of a place like Rio or the smell of Boyle Heights or the people of El Paso, but it’s a metropolis of Latinos, and I think it helped bring the story from an American story to a worldwide kind of picture.”

Blue Beetle is currently scheduled to hit theaters on August 18, 2023.

Source: The Direct

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