The much-delayed James Bond film No Time to Die will release on September 30 in cinemas near you. And most people associated with this movie production hoped for it to give life to the pandemic-ravaged box office.

James Bond No Time To Die

Also, No Time to Die is Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond. Hence, Craig and Barbara Broccoli, the producer have been discussing the current and future release strategy with Amazon-owned studio MGM. After all, there has been a larger debate going on about streaming or theatrical releases.

When talking to Sky Broccoli told, “We focussed on making the films for theatrical release and… I think that’s our position. [Amazon] certainly has told us that the films will be theatrical films in the future. And we’ll see what happens.”

Craig said that he is thankful to the producers and the studio to give his last bond film a theatrical release. He added that it is a “joyous thing” that the movie is getting a theatrical release. It would be sad to see its release on streaming service.

James Bond Daniel Craig









Daniel Craig also took part in BAFTA Life in Pictures event. At the same event, he discussed his future projects and his initial reluctance to play Bond. He recalled saying to Broccoli that she has got the wrong guy to play Bond. He continued that he wasn’t aware Barbara had made her mind to cast him as Bond.  Craig said that as a kid he wanted to be Bond. And he also wanted to play Spider-Man, however, he never hoped that it will happen for him. Also, he shared the amount of pressure he felt while playing such an iconic character.

The Brit actor also shared his thoughts about working with Roger Michell who passed away last week. Craig had only nice things to say about him: “Working with Roger was like taking a long warm bath. It was just…he was just delicious.”

Source: Deadline

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