Jamie Foxx may be suiting back up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) soon, but not as the villainous Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The Academy Award-winning actor is now in negotiations to star as the lead character in an upcoming film adaptation of the popular comic book series Spawn, according to an exclusive report.

Foxx has been passionate about bringing the character of Al Simmons/Spawn, a murdered CIA agent who becomes a commander in Hell, to the big screen for years. He first announced he had acquired the film rights to the Image Comics character back in 2016, with ambitions to both produce and star in the movie.

Jamie Foxx Reprising His Passion Project

Now, after signing a new five-year first-look film and TV deal with Universal, Foxx is working with producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions to finally make his Spawn vision a reality, with a potential 2023 production start date.

Jamie Foxx on his way to recovery after undisclosed illness: Source - Good Morning America
Jamie Foxx

“The scariest things are the thing’s that happen for real,” Foxx told The Hollywood Reporter about what draws him to darker films like Spawn. “What movies like ‘Spawn’ give us is a chance to dip into that and still come out safely.”

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From Villain to Hero in the Marvel Universe

Jamie Foxx portraying Spawn would mark a pivot from villain to protagonist in the Marvel world for the versatile actor. He previously played the Spider-Man nemesis Electro in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opposite Andrew Garfield.

Jamie Foxx Directing Faith-Based 'When We Pray' Movie
Jamie Foxx

While initial reports indicated Foxx would reprise that role for the upcoming third Tom Holland Spider-Man film, colliding two separate Marvel universes, Foxx dispelled those rumors. “That was fake!“ he told an interviewer point blank about returning as Electro.

Instead, taking on the lead in a dark, R-rated Spawn film allows Foxx to bring his own comic book dreams to fruition. As an added bonus, it links him to two major Marvel franchises.

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Big Names Attached to Ambitious Adaptation

Besides Foxx starring, the developing Spawn adaptation has already attracted major Hollywood talent. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paranormal Activity and Happy Death Day director Todd McFarlane, who also created the Spawn character, will co-write the script with Scott Silver, the Oscar-nominated writer behind Joker.

Jamie Foxx addresses hospitalization for the first time: "I went to hell and back" - CBS News
Jamie Foxx

Jason Blum is also enthusiastic about producing a potential R-rated Spawn movie, telling The Digital Fix, “I think there’s an extraordinary opportunity for a great R-rated movie about Spawn. With its darker tone and graphic violence, Spawn may stretch the boundaries of big-budget superhero movies. But with Foxx and Blum’s horror pedigree attached, the film has a chance to break new ground in the genre.

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Jamie Foxx returning to the Marvel fold with a highly anticipated comic book role he’s long envisioned playing demonstrates the actor’s passion and persistence. If negotiations proceed smoothly, Foxx could deliver his career-defining performance as the legendary Spawn. And with Blumhouse’s involvement, the finished film may live up to its immense potential. Spawn’s hellish world awaits.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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