Director Ridley Scott’s recently biographical drama House of Gucci has also garnered a lot of appreciation for the incredible performances of Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci and Lady Gaga as Patricia Reggiani, giving fans the chaotic history of the popular fashion brand. When it comes to Jared Leto’s Paolo Gucci, there have been many criticisms that are probably aimed at his ‘bad’ portrayal of Paolo Gucci.

Now, Jared Leto has finally started speaking up, responding to all the negative reviews about his very performance in the movie.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto

In the film, Jared Leto portrays as an extremely talentless member of the family who was never taken seriously by anyone. His character, who briefly got the chance to helm the Gucci fashion house, takes another hit when Gaga’s Patrizia tricks Paolo into betraying his father Aldo (Al Pacino) by getting him arrested for tax invasion in exchange for fulfilling his life-long dream of designing his own line of clothing. Soon, Patrizia double-crosses the black sheep of the family, leaving him to live the rest of his days in poverty.

A few critics have certainly lauded Jared Leto’s portrayal of Paolo Gucci, even praising the spin he put on Gucci but not everyone was impressed by his performance and found it “parodic.” As per the actor (in an interview with Screendaily), the reviews never really held any sway over him as he attempted his “very best” to embody the character of Gucci and also “had a blast playing it.”

Jared Leto in House of Gucci
Jared Leto in House of Gucci

“I can imagine [the reaction] because it’s a big swing. I don’t look at reviews, I don’t look at critics or read comments, but I tried my very best. Paolo is the best I can do. If you don’t like the work, that’s okay. I had a blast playing it, I dug in as deep as I could.”

Jared Leto also went on to address his leanings towards the transgressive.

“It’s also that thing of if you’re not pissing people off then you’re doing something wrong. As an actor, if you want to put a dent in things you got to break things a bit, and not everyone’s going to understand that. So if that’s happening, then great.”

This is definitely not the first occasion when Jared Leto’s certain portrayal of a DC character has left fans divided in their opinion- he is pretty much well-known for method acting to pushing himself to extreme limits, whether it was playing The Prince of Clown in David Iyer’s Suicide Squad or even the 2007 film, Chapter 27, for which Jared Leto gained so much weight that he ended up in a wheelchair!

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