So it’s Batman’s birthday!! Jason Todd who once turned into foe has a surprising gift that he offers to Batman. It was Batman’s birthday, and Jason Todd has yet come up with another surprise element. However, the surprise element is actually a heinous plot that has been set for Batman. The gift that is given by Jason Todd indicates that he still has certain feelings of grief left in his heart.

Its Batman’s birthday!!!

Batman receives a watch as gift from Jason Todd
A still from Batman


This all started when Jason was dead in the Batman: A Death in the Family. The Joker killed Batman. It was after this incident that Jason Todd developed feelings of enmity against Batman. The reason behind this enmity is the fact that Todd blames Batman for his death. He further adds that he could have killed Joker which could have have saved him.

I wish Batman had saved me!!!

Jason Todd dies by the hands of Joker
A still of dying Jason

Robin’s 80th Anniversary Special focuses entirely on past relations. The gift that Jason handed over to Batman included Thomas Wayne’s old broken watch. Jason Todd had been working hard on finding things that he could use to fix that broken watch. This was the past scenario. In the present situation, Jason drops the gift on the batmobile. When Batman opens the gift he finds the same with the correct time showing.

The dreaded killer behind Jason Todd’s death!!!

The murderer of Jason Todd
A glimpse of the Joker

This clearly indicates that no matter how many differences they had, Jason never forgot to repair the watch. What better could he do than fighting it to Batman on his birthday? This is a clear incident of love and hate at the same time.

Though Jason was not comfortable giving the gift to Batman by meeting him personally, he still never forgot to repair the broken watch. This is a clear case that no matter whatever happens in any relationship, if you genuinely care for someone it shows in their gesture. 

The below is the promo for Batman’s new look that is set to come out in the year 2021.

THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021)


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