When Batman has coped up with a peculiar villain known as the Designer, the Joker has been chasing his ruthless agenda, including introducing a new character named Punchline, and now DC’s Joker War brought a ‘Brutal’ New Batman Character: Clownhunter into the scene.

Introduction of Punchline and Clownhunter

clown hunter batman
Introducing the ruthless villain into Gotham city

James Tynion IV has been quite hectic since he started ruling over DC’s Batman series, launching multiple new characters to the bowl while planning his new storyline Joker War. Along with Jorge Jimenez, he’s introduced Punchline and Designer into the Bat-mythos, but the duo isn’t over yet, as they recently disclosed another new character they’re introducing soon, and their name is Clownhunter. Tynion revealed the mysterious character in his Tiny Onion newsletter, which will debut for the very first time in Batman, and Tynion is preparing some big plans for the new model, stating “Jorge, and I just gave rise to a new character named CLOWNHUNTER, who shows up in Batman #96, part two of Joker War.”

The Anti-Hero plans

clown hunter batman
Anti-hero and his upcoming plans

From the name, you can expect that this is a new ruthless villain or anti-hero who will be on the run for Joker, but having hunter in the name also indicates the use of lethal force that Batman doesn’t exactly thrive for. If that’s the case, Batman will have to handle the plans put in action by the Designer and Joker’s brand new army, but he’ll also have to keep Clownhunter from, brutally murdering clowns. But that’s not it, he will also have to face Joker’s new second in command Punchline, who Tynion is also over the moon for, and he can’t wait for fans to see what’s in store for her.

Tynion’s view on Punchline

james tynion
James Tynion expressing his thrill
“But honestly speaking, that’s what I am MOST excited about with Punchline,” Tynion states. “It’s all the amazing story potential I get to store into the book. It’s how she molds the dynamic of a massive Joker attack on Gotham City and Batman. It’s her first meet with Harley. Her first experience with Batman. Her first time on the page was interconnecting directly with The Joker. All of that is why I was thrilled to create the character in the first place, and I am VERY VERY exhilarated for you all to know her origin story given in the Joker 80th Anniversary special. Mikel Janín took it out of the park.”
Have a look on the teaser concept,

THE BATMAN (2021) Teaser Trailer Concept - Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves DC Movie

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