This year, talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel returned to the 96th Academy Awards and guaranteed a shared moment of laughter. Whether it was his monologue or recent jibe at Donald Trump, the host continues to gain attention. However, his comments on the former president aren’t the first time Kimmel openly brought up his critical exchange of words.

jimmy kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel during his show

It all started when The Jimmy Kimmel Live host openly discussed a Rolling Stone article, stating that Donald Trump has been furious at the host’s jokes about him since 2018. He even tried to convince Disney to censor Kimmel’s monologues but this couldn’t happen.

Jimmy Kimmel Vs. Donald Trump Continues at The Oscars 2024

This might not be a real fight, but undeniably a notable one, as Jimmy Kimmel wins fans’ confidence again after throwing a jab at former United States president Donald Trump. While Kimmel was perfectly hosting the Oscars 2024, he was notified of a harsh review given by Trump posted on his social media. The talk show host cleverly read out the review onstage, and then humorously asks “Isn’t it past your jail time?”.

Donald Trump (image via X)
Donald Trump (image via his X account)

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However, this isn’t the first time Kimmel and Trump have exchanged such comments about each other, as the comedian himself talked about an article that says Trump’s administration tried hard to convince Disney to censor the host’s monologues. This revelation came out last year through Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which he said:

“The first time Donald Trump ever tries to stop someone from talking about him on television and it’s me… Usually, when he want somebody to stop talking about him he pays them a hundred thirty thousand dollars… I wonder what it was specifically that sparked this Trumper Tantrum.”

Jimmy Kimmel continued by expressing confusion about what jokes Donald Trump couldn’t handle about him and even labeled it as a “Trumper Tantrum”. However, the talk show host then got a bit serious, talking about comedians getting under fire for controversial jokes.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live star also called it a “blatant abuse of power” pointing out to a news outlet, asking if they would defend him on this. Kimmel even showed some of Trump’s clips, bashing him for abusing his powers.

Netizens Troll Donald Trump Over His Remarks on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel (image via YouTube)

Throughout the Oscars 2024, stars couldn’t stop laughing each time Jimmy Kimmel returned onstage. The comedian has transformed into one of the most successful and entertaining figures. However, he had to stop the event for a little time just to share with everyone what Donald Trump wrote about him.

Following Jimmy Kimmel’s jab after the former president posted a review on his social media, many netizens find this funny and insignificant.

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While concluding his response, Jimmy Kimmel humorously acknowledged Donald Trump for watching the Oscars 2024, and asking about his legal disputes. According to The Atlantic, the former president is facing numerous legal challenges that might lead him to prison.

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