In the world of storytelling, some characters evolve beyond their original trajectories making a place in the hearts of audiences and defying all the initial plans. One such case has been of the actor Joe Keery well-known for his role as Steve Harrington in the hit series Stranger Things who managed to change the fate of his character just like the iconic Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Just like Jesse Pinkman even Joe Keery’s character was supposed to end in the very first season, but the creator’s love for the character saved it just to live up to the next 4 seasons.

Joe Keery in Stranger Things
Joe Keery in Stranger Things

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Joe Keery was supposed to be dead in the first season just like Jesse Pinkman

Just like Jesse Pinkman (in Breaking Bad) even Joe Keery’s character Steve Harrington was supposed to die in the very first season of Stranger Things. As per the reports, the growth of Steve’s character by the end of Stranger Things Season 1 was never the plan of the creators. Talking about this Ross Duffer explained that back in 2017 the writers planned to only keep Steve as a static villain who would die at the end of the first season.

However, what changed was the creator’s love for the character which did not allow him to cut him loose from the show. Talking about this Duffer said,

“We fell in love with him during the making of season 1, which is why we ended up writing that arc for him where he’s helping to save the day with Jonathan [Charlie Heaton] and Nancy [Natalia Dyer]. Steve was supposed to be this jocky douchebag, and Joe was so much more than that.”

Joe Keery
Joe Keery

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Just like Joe Keery even the character of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad was supposed to be dead in the very first season. According to the reports when Gilligan was developing Breaking Bad, the plan was to kill Jesse by the end of the season one. However, by the second episode, the creators change their minds.

Despite their initial fate these characters turned out to be one of the most loved in their shows. And if any were to ask the fans now, they would never imagine these iconic shows without these outstanding characters.

The Time When fans feared Joe Keery’s death

Joe Keery aka Steve Harrington was once rumored to be died in Stranger Things Season 4. All of the speculations regarding Steve’s death arose after the misshape that happened in episode 6. The former Hawkins High student utilized his swimming skills in episode 6, “The Dive,” to jump in the lake and discover a conduit to the Upside Down. His leg was grabbed by vines from the other realm, which pulled him into the portal as he came back to the surface for air.

Joe Keery
Joe Keery

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Steve managed to escape the vines, however, he soon found himself in much greater peril when bat-like monsters started coming at him from all sides. Fortunately, Nancy, Maya Hawke‘s Robin, and Joseph Quinn‘s Eddie showed up just in time to assist Steve in fending off the creatures.

Despite being saved, Steve was still left with pretty nasty wounds which had led fans to speculate on whether or not he will be alive by the end of the season. However, much to fan’s relief the character was saved.

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