The Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman is working hard to prepare his scenes. Kinnaman is going to appear For All Mankind’s Apple TV which will première in two years, due next Friday. Kinnaman on being asked about Phillips Todd Joker during a press stop and that’s when some shade was thrown on Jared Leto. In the latest episode of The Big Ticket, Kinnaman shared his thoughts on Leto’s performance as the Clown Prince of Crime and appreciated Joaquin Phoenix’s takeover. Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish-born actor was asked if he felt like Warner Bros, cheated on Jared Leto when they made Joker with Phoenix. He responded with “No. Who?”

Jared Leto on Joker

Jared Leto On Joker
A Scene From the Suicide Squad

Leto had put a lot of effort into his Suicide Squad version of the DC villain. He had rotting teeth, bloodshot eyes, and slicked-back neon green hair. He spent months getting into the dark character and terrifying his castmates. In the last few weeks, reports suggest that Jared Leto was upset in finding out that Warner Bros. was planing for a standalone Joker movie without his involvement, and Leto’s Joker making a comeback has never seemed slimmer. Joker is the highest-grossing R rated film to hit the theaters and is being expected to keep its top spot even after a few weeks off. Leto’s sources said that the actor is still happily working with Warner Bros. and he’s currently shooting John Lee Hancock’s Little Things.

Jared Leto Attempted to Shut Down New ‘Joker’ Movie

Jared Leto Attempted to Shut Down New 'Joker' Movie
Leto and Phoenix, Face-Off

Sources revealed that the days of Jared Leto as the Joker were possibly over. He will not take over the role in Warner Brother forthcoming DC movies Birds of Prey (a spinoff based on Harley Quinn from Robbie) or The Suicide Squad from James Gunn, due in 2021.

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