Jonah Hill, who has received praise for his work in several movies, has unexpectedly found himself in the media for a surprising cause. According to reports, the actor was sent to the hospital with a severe case of bronchitis brought on by an excessive vitamin.

Actor Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill

Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated storytelling, which has attracted enormous acclaim for its cinematic accomplishments, was filmed during this tragedy. Although the film has received several Academy Award nominations for its creative merits, Jonah Hill’s hospitalization highlights the possible adverse effects of using extreme measures to achieve authenticity and performance.

Overuse of Fake Cocaine Once Landed Jonah Hill in Hospital

Jonah Hill Hospitalized
Jonah Hill

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In Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s difficult to estimate how much cocaine the traders at Stratton Oakmont consumed. The question of how many false medications the performers breathed may be much more challenging to answer. Though, according to actor Jonah Hill, he snorted enough fake drugs to make him sick. The actor said on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday that snorting the vitamin powder-based fake cocaine, which was actually a vitamin supplement, gave him a severe three-week case of bronchitis.

“I did so much fake cocaine in ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ I got bronchitis for three weeks and had to be hospitalized,”

Bill Simmons and Hill went into further detail on the actor’s shift from comedic to more tragic roles in movies. Hill had been deeply influenced by Scorsese’s masterpieces, particularly Casino. However, in his early professional years, there weren’t many chances to choose such jobs. Given that he lacked Brad Pitt‘s good looks or outstanding acting talent from boyhood, he openly acknowledged that getting into the profession wasn’t an easy achievement for him. The comedic route was crucial to his development since it enabled him to break into the entertainment and film industries.

Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Amusing Anecdotes

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill friendship
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill

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At the Variety Screening Series Q&A, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and screenwriter Terence Winter once shared their insights into working on a film famous for its rowdy parties and brash behavior, inspired by stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s true story. DiCaprio highlighted a challenging scene involving sushi that made him unwell. Jonah Hill humorously recounted a moment when, instead of eating sushi as scripted, he passed it to DiCaprio, who then had to match the take by consuming around 70 pieces of raw yellowtail, an incident that had Scorsese and Hill laughing. Hill wittily advised, “Use your brain, it’s better than your muscles.”

Outstanding performances were given by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street. They expertly captured the unethical excesses and financial decadence of the corporate world by portraying the characters of Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff, respectively. They received praise for their performances in the legendary Martin Scorsese film because of their on-screen chemistry and comedic timing, which provided dimension to the movie’s darkly funny story.

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Source: Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons

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