On 23 March 2023, Jonathan Majors was arrested in Manhattan after a woman filed a complaint against the actor. As per reports, the woman is his 30-year-old girlfriend. Majors was accused of choking and slapping his alleged girlfriend. As per the woman’s statement, the 33-year-old actor assaulted her in the cab. 

Jonathan Majors at an event
Jonathan Majors at an event

Since the woman launched the complaint, Majors and his team are trying to prove his innocence through legal ways. A recent revelation by Majors’ legal team can prove Majors innocence in this case. 

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Jonathan Majors’ legal team has presented a video in court to prove his innocence

Jonathan Majors at an event
Jonathan Majors at an event

Jonathan Majors’s team released a statement in which they explained that the Lovecraft Country actor is innocent. Majors representative said, “

“He has done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up.”

The woman can be seen partying on footage that Majors legal team has from the night of the assault. She can be seen having a good time the night she claimed Creed III assaulted her. Since she claimed that happened after Majors assaulted her, the alleged girlfriend has no marks or bruises. The alleged victim of Majors can be seen mingling with everyone in the video while showing no obvious indicators of having been assaulted. 

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Jonathan Majors alleged victim can be seen dancing near the DJ Booth 

Jonathan Majors at an event
Jonathan Majors at an event

Majors attorney Priya Chaudhry has claimed that the alleged victim has filed a false report to get the actor arrested. She presented the video in court and highlighted the moments where the alleged victim who claims she was assaulted that was seen dancing near the DJ booth.

 The legal team explained in the court that the alleged victim is seen drinking, walking normally, and playing with her hair with the same hand she claims was injured by Majors. Later the woman can be seen leaving with another woman. The majors’ side of the case has got much more strong since the legal successfully got a CCTV clip from the night of the assault.

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According to Major’s version of events, he found the alleged victim unconscious in the bathroom and immediately dialed 911. Majors said that after the incident in the taxi, he left the alleged victim alone and did not see her again until the following morning when he found her unconscious. 

As per the police, the woman claimed that she was assaulted by Majors that night. The police spokesperson said,

“The victim informed police she was assaulted, Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident. The victim sustained minor injuries to her head and neck and was removed to an area hospital in stable condition.”

Majors reportedly wants to clear his name as quickly as possible because there is a risk that this case would have an impact on his acting career. The actor’s career was going strong after he starred opposite Michael B. Jordan in Creed III. 

Source: TMZ; The Guardian 


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