DJ Khaled in pursuit of a billion bucks

A video of DJ Khaled flaunting a hefty stack of $2 Mega Millions of tickets has been doing the rounds of the internet today. The drawing for this particular lottery is almost $1.28 billion, therefore needless to say, whoever the winner will be, they’re in for a real treat because this is life-changing money. However, that holds true for the poor ones trying their luck rather than rich ones toeing the pool but who’s gonna tell them…

Much like Khaled, Pierre Thomas is also trying his luck as he supported the DJ and even shared how he has hoarded his fair share of the lottery tickets. What needs to be imperatively noted again is that the two happen to be among the most respected and highly paid personas in the hip-hop industry.

Pierre "Pee" Thomas
Pierre “Pee” Thomas supporting DJ Khaled

Just a PR stunt, perhaps?

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled’s 13th studio album God Did is slated for release this year

Earlier in July, DJ Khaled announced his 13th studio album titled God Did slate for release later this year. And some speculations suggest that the Mega Millions stint, more than a money-making tactic, is a PR stunt to promote the upcoming album. Even in the viral video, Khaled yells while flashing the tickets, “They didn’t believe in us, God Did.” Recently, celebrities like Drake, Lil Baby, and Jay-Z also supported Khaled by hyping up God Did.

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Twitter trolls DJ Khaled for being downright self-centered

There were a few Khaled supporters as well who think there’s nothing wrong with the rich eyeing more wealth, underlining the reason that he will (probably) give some back to charity. Well, we’ll see about that…

And then there are the ones who’re in for just the jokes.

There’s no way to know if this is a PR stunt or not but we do know there are too many out there who need the money more than DJ Khaled.

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Source: The Paradise

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