After his anti-semitic rants, controversial rapper Kanye West has been making headlines for secretly getting married to his Yeezy brand architect, Bianca Censori, in an intimate Beverly Hills ceremony. Following the rumor that Ye was missing, it seems that Ye has decided to stop hiding anymore. The newlywed couple was reportedly seen at Balenciaga on a shopping spree while the fashion house cut all ties with the rapper in the wake of his anti-semitic controversy.

Kanye West
Kanye West

Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian also ended her ties with Balenciaga over a controversial advertisement featuring kids late last year. Last November, the mother of four settled her divorce from her ex-husband Kanye West. The two of them have come to an agreement on the child custody arrangements where the SKIMS founder receives $200k per month in child support from the rapper without any spousal support from him.

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Kanye West Goes For Shopping With his New-Wife Bianca Censori At Balenciaga

According to TMZ, on Wednesday, Kanye West, 45, was captured shopping at a scandal-ridden fashion house Balenciaga with his new wife, Bianca Censori in Beverly Hills, LA. The controversial rapper was dropped from several major brands, including Balenciaga and Adidas, after making offensive comments about Jews. After ending his Adidas partnership, Ye is no longer a billionaire, but the shopping spree proves he’s still very wealthy.

Ye with his new wife Bianca Censori at Balenciaga
Ye with his new wife Bianca Censori at Balenciaga

It wasn’t long ago that the fashion house was under fire for showcasing kids holding teddy bears in BDSM-inspired outfits last December. Also, there was the exposure of a second series of advertisements that featured court documents related to child p**nography legislation. During the same scandal, West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian also faced major backlash for wearing a collection from an Adidas x Balenciaga collaboration that seemed to shade her ex-husband, whom both brands dropped.

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Kanye West Wears German Army Logo Printed T-Shirt While Shopping At Balenciaga

Ye was seen wearing German Army logo printed t-shirt
Ye was seen wearing German Army logo printed t-shirt

Another surprising factor caught the attention of the fans when Kanye West was reportedly shopping with his new wife, Bianca Censori, at the under-fire Balenciaga store in Los Angeles. TMZ tweeted about the newlywed’s shopping trip yesterday, which reads,

“Kanye West Takes Wife Shopping at Balenciaga Despite Brand Dropping Him.”

There was a subtle call-back to Nazi Germany in West’s clothing as he wore a t-shirt printed with the German armed forces’ logo under his black jacket. His T-shirt was imprinted with a vintage logo of the Bundeswehr, the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany. This is the logo of a coat of arms of the German Reich that the Nazis used before they adopted the swastika as their symbol.

Despite his infamous controversy and social media rants, it is becoming evident that he harbors a deep-seated love for Nazis and Adolf Hitler. On the other hand, when Bianca Censori joined her new husband at the Balenciaga outlet, she wore a glamorous yellow fur jacket and slicked back her hair. West’s visit to Balenciaga, however, shocked everyone as he is no longer with the brand, or perhaps we will see another surprise from him shortly.

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Kim Kardashian Cut Ties With Balenciaga

There are many occasions when Kim Kardashian is seen wearing Balenciaga at significant events and has also appeared in several Balenciaga campaigns. The 42-year-old socialite gained headlines when Balenciaga came under fire last year for their recent bizarre advertisement featuring kids. It is well known that the TV reality star is one of the most dedicated supporters of the fashion house.

Kim Kardashian promoting Balenciaga
Kim Kardashian promoting Balenciaga

Balenciaga offered Kim K the opportunity to work on its 2023 campaign before the controversial kid BDSM ads went public and sparked backlash. She apologized on social media and then allegedly declined the offer after seeing the disturbing advertisement. The reality star reportedly cut all ties with the infamous fashion house and sold her Balenciaga clothes to her fans. As a mother of four kids, she has had to deal with a lot lately. In a predatory industry, she is fighting for the safety of her children and setting a good reputation for them to ensure their future.

Source: TMZ, Twitter

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