Kate Bishop is one of the latest characters to join the MCU in Hawkeye. There are many facts about Kate Bishop only the comic books can tell you but the show never could!

When Did She Make Her Debut?

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Official Debut

Kate Bishop is a relatively new character. She made her official debut in Young Avengers #1 back in 2005. She debuts with her original alias – Kate Bishop. But it is only after a dozen issues that she takes up the role of Hawkeye. Clint Barton is dead in this future timeline. Like we said, her character is very young compared to the rest of Marvel superhero heavyweights. The latter have been around for decades. But that does not mean the character is not popular. A new miniseries titled Hawkeye: Kate Bishop was launched to commemorate the character’s debut many years ago.

Her Comic Book Backstory Is Way Darker

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A Dark Past

In a Young Avengers Special, it is shown that Kate Bishop is a sexual assault victim. One day while she was in Central Perk, she was caught off guard and then assaulted. While it is never stated explicitly but the attack was probably of a sexual manner. The only people who know about this are Jessica Jones and Kate Bishop’s therapist. The experience leaves Kate Bishop petrified and she starts feeling insecure and unsafe. She learns martial arts and usage of weapons as a way to cope up with her issues. In the show, it is shown that it was Hawkeye’s antics during the Battle of New York that motivated her to became a superhero.

She Is Best Friends With Ant-Man’s Daughter

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Cassie Lang

In Young Avengers, Kate Bishop finds many allies and confidantes. She starts a relationship with Patriot and even a close friendship with Stature. For those who don’t know, Stature is Cassie Lang – Ant-Man’s daughter. They two become such close friends that when Captain America demands the Young Avengers stand down, the two are the only ones that put up a united front against the First Avenger. It is nigh impossible for Cassie Lang to make an appearance in Hawkeye. But fans are hoping Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s younger sister, could strike up a friendship with Kate Bishop.

More Than Just An Archer

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Take away Hawkeye’s bow and arrow and you still got a deadly assassin with years of experience to deal with. Kate has also managed to learn a myriad of skills to ensure she does not just rely on her archery skills. She is skilled with unarmed combat and is a very proficient user of knives in battles. Kate Bishop can fight multiple enemies simultaneously since she has honed her reflexes to become as fast as humanly possible.

Kate Bishop – Leader Of The West Coast Avengers

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West Coast Avengers

Although she is one of the last members to join the Young Avengers, Kate is a natural leader. Her leadership abilities are seen early on in the Young Avengers run. During the events of Civil War II, Kate assumes the leadership position of the West Coast Avengers. the team comprises of members like Gwenpool, Quentin Quire, Johnny Watts, America Chavez, and even Hawkeye.

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