The American TV personality Kelly Clarkson is a famous name in the music industry. She rose to fame after winning the first season of American Idol in 2002. She went on to create a place for herself in Hollywood. Kelly Clarkson was also awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2022.

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Kelly Clarkson

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The three times Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson, joined the music reality show The Voice as a coach in 2018. The talented singer went on to introduce her talk show named The Kelly Clarkson Show. The talk show became one of the highest-rated shows ever. Recently the Because Of You singer made headlines with her talk show. A few staff members came forward and brought light to the toxic work culture at the back end of the show.

Kelly Clarkson Staffers Were Left Traumatized At The Talk Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show took over the reputed The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year. One of the most loved talk shows is under the scanner for all the wrong reasons. According to the rumors, the staff workers of The Kelly Clarkson Show have been left underpaid, overworked, and even traumatized due to the toxic work culture.

During the interview with the media outlet Rolling Stones, the ex-worker spoke against the show and its negative impact. “I remember going up on the roof of the stage to cry, being like, ‘Oh, my gosh, what am I doing? Why am I putting myself through this?’

Another former employee revealed to the outlet that they had to meet a psychiatrist for the first time in their life because they “truly couldn’t handle it mentally.”

The ex-worker called the show “far the worst experience I’ve ever had in my entire life,” and said, “It deterred me from wanting to work in daytime ever again. When I say I was traumatized, I was really traumatized. NBC is protecting the show because it’s their new money maker, but Kelly has no clue how unhappy her staff is,”

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Kelly Clarkson

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Another ex-employee went on to confess-

“I would be shocked if she knew,” they said “I’d be floored if she knew the staff wasn’t getting paid for two weeks of Christmas hiatus. The Kelly that I interacted with and that everyone knows would probably be pretty aghast to learn that.”

However, there have been no complaints about the name of the singer Kelly Clarkson as of now. According to a few ex-employees, she is one of the best people on the sets. She behaves with every staff member in a very cordial way.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up On Parenting

Every parent has their own parenting style. Be it shouting at your kids or spanking them for a good reason-every parenting style is bound to bring out the best in the kids. Kelly Clarkson, raised multiple questions on her parenting style when she openly spoke in favor of spanking. The singer is a mother to kids under the age of 10. During an interview with the Atlanta Radio station 94.1, she spoke in favor of spanking as an effective method of parenting. She said-

“I’m not above a spanking, which people aren’t necessarily into,—I don’t mean hitting her hard,– I just mean a spanking. My parents spanked me, and I did fine in life, and I feel fine about it, and I do that as well,”

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Kelly Clarkson with her kids

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Kelly Clarkson’s opinion created controversies in tinsel town. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, spanking is strictly prohibited. The talk show host even spoke about the shame and embarrassment that comes

 “That’s a tricky thing, when you’re out in public, because then people are like, they think that’s wrong or something, but I find nothing wrong with a spanking.”

She also believes that one of the biggest pillars of parenting is empathy and kindness towards your kids. The mother of two might sound rigid about physical punishment like spanking, but as per her claims, her methods have been effective.

Source: Rolling Stone

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