Love is a powerful force, and for John Travolta, that love remains strong even after the loss of his beloved. For the actor, who once was a cultural icon of the 1970s, moving on romantically seems far from his mind.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston in a still from The Experts
John Travolta and Kelly Preston in a still from The Experts (Credits: Paramount Pictures)

Travolta’s wife, actress Kelly Preston, passed away from cancer in 2020. The couple had a deep connection, but unfortunately, it was only meant for three decades. Travolta and Preston first met in 1987 while working together on a movie titled The Experts. They really hit it off, and four years later, in 1991, they got married. They actually had two ceremonies.

The first one was in Paris at a fancy hotel named the Hotel de Crillon. And, the second ceremony was held at Daytona Beach, Florida. The 70-year-old appears determined to stay true to his late wife. However, his children reportedly want him to find happiness again.

John Travolta’s Children Hope for Their Dad’s Happiness

John Travolta in Paradise City
John Travolta in Paradise City (Credits: 308 Entertainment)

John Travolta and Kelly Preston were married for nearly three decades before she lost her battle with b*east cancer at the age of 57 in 2020. Their daughter Ella, now 23, and son Benjamin, 13, reportedly miss the joy a loving partner could bring to their father’s life. A source close to the family told In Touch (via OK! Magazine):

Everyone wants him to be happy and fall in love again. Ella and Benjamin want him to start dating, but John is always making excuses. He says they have to come first. It’s been almost four years since she passed, and John still refuses to move on with his life.

While some find solace in staying true to a lost love, others believe in moving forward. According to Psychology Today, finding a new partner can bring companionship, emotional support, and even a renewed sense of purpose after loss. The source close to Travolta said Preston wouldn’t want him to be alone. “He’s a little rusty!” they said, hinting that the Englewood native hasn’t dated since before his wife’s passing.

John Travolta Remains Married in Heart and Spirit

John Travolta in a still from From Paris with Love
John Travolta in a still from From Paris with Love (Credits: Lionsgate)

The source continued that John Travolta cannot think of “ever falling in love again.” The Hollywood star still considers himself married and “says he will stay loyal to Kelly until the day he dies.” The insider added (via the same source):

It’s hands off when it comes to dating. It’s sad, but he’s essentially taken a vow of celibacy for the rest of his life. He says it would be a betrayal of Kelly’s memory. Their lives were so intertwined, it’s very hard for him to go on.

Travolta is dealing with his grief in his own way. Even though his kids might be nudging him to think about dating again, the choice is really up to him. There’s no rulebook on how to be happy after losing someone you love. Maybe, as time goes on, the Pulp Fiction star will find a path that respects his love for Preston while also being open to new chances at happiness.

Since his wife passed away, Travolta has been mostly focused on his family. Right now, there isn’t any news about him working on new movies, except for the one he recently starred in a movie, Cash Out (2024).

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