It has been years since Kevin Feige became the president and primary producer of Marvel Studios. However, his one mistake can cause a complete downfall of the upcoming Marvel projects, as he reportedly asked some MCU talents not to read the comic books.

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige makes one mistake that James Gunn ignores (image via YouTube)

Even though Kevin Feige and James Gunn share a great camaraderie, the Guardians of the Galaxy director has a completely contrasting approach. While Feige asks actors not to read the comics, Gunn considers this as a crucial element before starting a project.

Kevin Feige’s One Big Mistake That James Gunn Perfectly Avoids

James Gunn‘s contribution to the MCU with the successful Guardians of the Galaxy film series has been widely recognized by fans. Both Gunn and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige share a great bond, but despite that, The Suicide Squad maker remains cautious and doesn’t repeat his friend’s mistake of not urging actors to read comic books.

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James Gunn
James Gunn (image via YouTube)

Comic books often help actors to understand the backgrounds of superheroes, and how they can fulfill the expectations of comic book enthusiasts. However, this doesn’t seem to be a priority in Kevin Feige’s opinion. As shared by famous scooper Daniel Richtman on X (earlier Twitter), Feige told some MCU talents not to read comic books. Considering the current scenario of the superhero world, this can cause a blunder and fans might not crave MCU films.

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However, this approach is highly crucial for James Gunn, as he has stepped into the rebooted DCU, and working his level best to revive the thrill. The Co-CEO acknowledged the importance of comic books, via Threads, and wrote:

“I consider whatever I’m reading “true” in the moment I’m reading it!… when the artists understand the core of what I believe makes a character great & understands their history while offering a new spin. DCComics.”

Following Gunn’s post, a user asked him if he advises actors to read the comic book before they step into DCU, and if is it important, to which James Gunn replied “So far I have yeah”. However, Gunn also allows creative variation that artists bring and is open to witnessing how a character can become more intriguing when an actor plays it.

Kevin Feige Believes Superhero Films Shouldn’t Be Limited To Comic Books

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige (image via YouTube)

The president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige emphasized the flexibility of superhero movies and comic books, explaining that these shouldn’t be limited and can go beyond the traditional superhero narratives. Feige explained that a wide range of stories can draw more attention, allowing creativity and a new take on movies.

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According to Forbes, when Kevin Feige was talking about how he rejects limited genres, she said:

“I’ve never believed in the ‘superhero’ genre or the ‘comic book movie’ genre. The comics themselves and stories told in the comics are as diverse as any different kind you’d find in a novel.”

Feige compared comic books with novels, like how they are well known for a perfect blend of various genres. The way novels depict romance, drama, science fiction, and many other genres, superhero films can also explore this kind of flexibility.

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