Ben Affleck was Kevin Smith’s top decision to play Superman in his rejected Superman Lives project. Affleck has been one of the most popular entertainers since the 1990s. He has had a wide assortment of jobs cooperating with probably the most high-profile chiefs. Affleck has additionally figured out how to play two distinct superheroes for the two major distributers. First was Marvel’s Daredevil in 2003. Then afterward it was Batman in the DCEU in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League.

One of Affleck’s most notable partners is Kevin Smith, as Affleck featured in six movies from the Clerks chief. Smith has been exceptionally open with regards to his time chipping away at a Superman project. In the mid to late ’90s that failed from the start, Superman Lives. Smith’s story relating the creation is amazing, from maker Jon Peters (who Bradley Cooper plays in the as of late delivered Licorice Pizza). Also demanding Superman battling a goliath bug in the third demonstration, which would later be utilized in Wild West.

Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith
Ben Affleck And Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith’s Thoughts To Cast Ben Affleck As Superman

In Yahoo! Amusement’s new series The Never Were’s, Smith related more insights regarding his time dealing with Superman Lives. He kept in mind that large numbers of it was stuff fans definitely knew. So he dropped an insight regarding who he needed for Superman and Lex Luthor. Smith uncovers he composed the piece of Superman in light of Affleck. Lex Luthor was future Guardians of the Galaxy star Michael Rooker who had recently gazed in Smith’s film Mallrats. Maker Jon Peters rather needed Sean Penn, subsequent to seeing the film Dead Man Walking.

“I was composing it for Affleck, it was very Mallrats roused on the grounds that my Lex Luthor was Michael Rooker and my Superman was Ben. Ben was warming up, I think he had recently been employed for Armageddon so I resembled ‘he could be a genuine celebrity’. He has dim hair, I’m that uncreative where I’m similar to ‘Ben has dim hair, Superman has dim hair. Ben’s tall’. That was the thing, Affleck might see from pictures however he’s a f*****g monster like he’s assembled like a superhuman, fabricated like a goliath activity figure, especially with the stature. And afterward he puts on the muscles there as well. So in my mind and heart, it was consistently Ben and Michael Rooker which is an unusual Mallrats gathering.”

Ben Affleck As Superman
Ben Affleck As Superman

The Cast And Crew Of The Scrapped DC Film, Superman Lives

Smith’s content for Superman Lives landed Tim Burton to direct. Also, Burton recruited Wesley Strick (Batman Returns) to rework the content. Nicolas Cage was given a role as Superman and the venture began to come to fruition with a late spring 1998 delivery date set to agree with Superman’s 60th commemoration. The undertaking was required to be postponed and a significant number of the creatives continued on, yet the chance of what may have been has interested numerous and propelled the late Jon Schneep profound jump narrative The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?, which talked with a considerable lot of the central parts engaged with the venture.

Affleck would proceed to play a variant of Superman in a totally different manner when he played entertainer George Reeves, who broadly played Superman on TV, in the 2006 film Hollywoodland, which ended up delivering in performance centers that very year as Superman Returns.

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