On Sunday night, Taylor Swift shocked her audience by announcing that her brand-new album, Midnights would be released on October 21. Even though she held off on announcing the album’s name and unfinished album art on her social media until after midnight ET, it was revealed during her emotional acceptance speech for video of the year at the MTV Video Music Awards.

However, the drama behind the release date of Taylor Swift’s new upcoming album is what has got her fans all riled up as it lands on Kim Kardashian’s birthday. The whole slew of back and forth that has gone on for years due to Kanye West and shade being thrown here and there has been quite the entertainment and it seems that the show has just resumed.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s history

Taylor Swift and Kanye West
Taylor Swift and Kanye West

The singer and the rapper have had quite the fiery history together which just adds more context to the so-called “feud” between the Kardashian and Taylor Swift. The spark that started all of the fire started off when Kanye West brought up Taylor Swift in his song with the lyrics “To all my Southside N—s that know me best, I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me s*x” and “I made that b**ch famous”. Since 2009, when Kanye West interrupted the singer on stage during the MTV Video Music Awards to tell her that Beyoncé deserved her VMA more, the two have been at odds.

Numerous admirers of the singer also remarked on the fact that 13 years had passed since Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the same program. The conflict between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift started in 2016 when Kim Kardashian dubbed Taylor Swift a “snake” for saying she was not aware that her name was used in Kanye West’s song Famous.

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Kim Kardashian has apparently moved on

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian
Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian

According to a Hollywood Life report, Kim Kardashian has no animosity toward the Evermore singer, whose new album Midnights is scheduled for release on Kim Kardashian’s birthday in October 2022. According to a source who spoke with the magazine, Kim Kardashian “doesn’t see this in any negative way whatsoever.” and is “so glad all that bad blood is behind them”. Kim Kardashian has long since moved on from this. She only wishes prosperity and happiness for the Bad Blood singer.

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The singer will release her album on Kim Kardashian’s birthday

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s followers believe she is disparaging reality star Kim Kardashian when she revealed the release date for her next album. The singer of Wildest Dreams revealed during the VMAs on Sunday night that her new album, titled “Midnights” will be released on October 21. It didn’t take long for admirers to recognize that Kim Kardashian is 42 years old on the same day.

The controversy appeared to have come to an end in 2021. However, the debut of her new project may have reignited the drama even if Kim Kardashian says that she has moved on, only time will tell if the singer has more plans for stealing the spotlight from the Kardashian.

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