Madonna has never been a stranger to gossip and controversies, but there are some that have gone too far or are too bizarre to go unnoticed. Most recently, she went on her Instagram handle to recall her past when she was humiliated for her work. Reflecting on the 30-year anniversary of ‘Erotica’ and her coffee table book ‘Sex’, the singer shared her thoughts about the criticism she faced when they were released. She then shared an interview clip circa 1992 in which she was paired up with an interviewer incredibly uncomfortable with Sex.

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What spiced up her confessions was not only how she criticized the then-narrow-minded society, but how she also slammed hard on artists like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B who get a free pass in today’s world to embrace their sexuality with no one to criticize them. Artists like Kim Kardashian are adored across the world for their excessive revealing sexuality online, for which no one asks them uncomfortable questions or makes them a bad example in society.

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Madonna says she paved way for today’s artists like Kim Kardashian

The 64-year-old singer shared her thoughts on Instagram on Saturday (22 October) to mark the 30-year anniversary of her 1992 book, Sex.

“30 years ago I published a book called S.E.X. In addition to photos of me naked there were photos of Men kissing Men, Woman kissing Woman and Me kissing everyone. I also wrote about my sexual fantasies and shared my point of view about sexuality in an ironic way,” she wrote.


“I spent the next few years being interviewed by narrow-minded people who tried to shame me for empowering myself as a Woman,” The pop queen then continued on her Instagram story,

“I was called a whore, a witch, a heretic and the devil. Now Cardi B can sing about her WAP. Kim Kardashian can grace the cover of any magazine with her naked ass and Miley Cyrus can come in like a wrecking ball.” Madonna said. “You’re welcome b—-es.”

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How Madonna’s nude ‘Sex’ book caused a scandal 30 years ago

After the “Sex” book came out on Oct. 21, 1992 — the day after Madonna released her lustful LP Erotica — the pop star reached a new level of controversy at the height of her career. Photos of her cavorting in threesomes, sucking her own toes, and hitchhiking naked in Miami while suggesting everything from bondage to bestiality were everywhere in the book. Celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Big Daddy Kane, Isabella Rossellini, and Vanilla Ice, who was dating Madonna at the time, were also in the book.

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“We live in a very repressed society, and I deal with erotic themes,” Madonna told Spin in 1993. “The point I try to make is: Why should we feel ashamed of our sexuality?” The book, which sold over 150,000 copies on its first day of release and topped the New York Times’ Best Seller List for three weeks — has been out of print for years. Three decades later, it’s now a collector’s item that fetches hundreds of dollars on the resale market.

Cardi B reacted to Madonna’s hurtful comments about her

“I literally paid this woman homage so many times cause I grew up listening to her …she can make her point without putting clown emojis and getting slick out the mouth ..These icons really become disappointments once u make it in the industry that’s why I keep to myself,” the WAP singer Cardi B couldn’t keep herself calm and reacted to Madonna’s statements.

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“I know exactly what she said and I understand but it’s about THE TONE …Calling me bitches and putting clown emojis ? The f–k!” Cardi B added.“EXACTLY AND IM NOT DELETING S–T …IF IT WAS THEY FAVORITE ARTIST THEY WOULD BE CRYING…but since she mentioned  the most hated woman on the internet is ‘ yes take it’ SUCK MY D–K I SAID WHAT I SAID!!”

The rapper also mentioned how she doesn’t care who it is but no one can disrespect her.

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