Revenge is a dish best served cold and Kim Kardashian is serving looks with the same purpose. After her very turbulent divorce from the rapper Kanye West, she is here to make him regret his recent life decisions. And some recent photos posted by her on Instagram are a testament to it. The star is very famously known for promoting unattainable body standards. She was recently under fire for her bizarre weight loss to fit into the iconic met gala gown. But, she won’t back down and is here to set the bar even higher.

People are going absolutely bonkers after seeing her flaunt her godlike physique. Although Ye seems “happy” with his new life these pictures will definitely not contribute to him keep doing the same.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian on Met Gala

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Kim Kardashian is unapologetically flaunting revenge bod

Kim Kardashian recently lost over 21 pounds to fit into the Marilyn Monroe gown for Met Gala. Ever since then, she has also been accused of removing her iconic BBL. To fit the trends of the era, she has sculpted her body to perfection. The Kardashian recently posted photos in a tempting hot pink SKIMS onesie. Even though the form-fitting garment with generous cuts was deceived as a promotional post for Valentine’s day, people saw the hidden meaning behind the pictures. The ex-husband of the business mogul recently remarried the Yeezy design architect Bianca Censori. And therefore, the pictures clearly had a ‘Sorry Kanye West But Bianca Censori Can Never Be This’ vibe to them.

Kim Kardashian in her recent instgram post
Kim Kardashian in her recent Instagram post

As soon as the photo dropped, the SKIMS site declared the $88 product as almost sold out. Indicating, how desperately everyone wants to look as sensational as she did in the photos this Valentine’s day. Millions of people agreed in the comment section stating the mother of four never looked better.

Watch her Instagram post here: Kim Kardashian’s post

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Kanye West only dates Kim Kardashian lookalikes

The ex-husband of the business mogul is recently under fire for various major and minor things. And this accusation falls under the minor category but is yet a compelling one. Since the divorce, Ye has dated many women who coincidentally looked like the Kardashian. The one who he married most recently is no exception. So much so, that Censori’s change in hairstyle was also speculated as a move to test Kanye West‘s love for her. Many believe she allegedly changed her hairstyle to see if Kanye West will still like her she didn’t look like his ex-wife. Thus, although it may seem like the rapper has moved on, some people worry otherwise. Bianca Censori is a design architect for Yeezy, the two reportedly hit it off very recently. The two married secretly in a private ceremony on the first week of the new year.

Bianca Censori
Bianca Censori

Kim Kardashian had a lot to say after the news of West remarrying broke out. But instead, she chose to post some cryptic messages on her Instagram story. It can now be concluded that Kim Kardashian is somewhat using Instagram as a weapon or source to channel her feelings, which cannot be deemed as a healthy practice but undoubtedly, makes up for great entertainment.

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Source: Daily Mail

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