Pete Davidson’s dating spree doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. After the comedian reportedly broke things off with Emily Ratajkowski, he is currently seen spending time with his Bodies, Bodies, Bodies’ co-Star Chase Sui Wonders. Ratajkowski and Davidson got together after separating from their partners. Things seem to get serious after the SNL star celebrated his birthday with the model.

Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies
Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (2022)

Soon after this, both of them were spotted spending time with other people. This led fans to assume that both Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski have ended their relationship. And as The Suicide Squad star is continuously spotted with Chase Sui Wonders, fans believe that he has already moved on from Ratajkowski.

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Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders Spark Dating Rumors

Pete Davidson was seen hanging out with his Bodies, Bodies, Bodies co-star, Chase Sui Wonders, at the New York Rangers game last week. While it was suggested that the couple attended the game alone, one more Bodies, Bodies, Bodies star, Rachel Sennott, was also spotted with them.

However, this was not the first time, they were spotted together. Davidson and Sui have been seen together multiple times while the Meet Cute star was linked with Ratajkowski.

Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders arriving at Davidson's apartment
Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders arrive at Davidson’s apartment

These appearances have led fans to believe that Davidson is secretly dating Chase Sui Wonders. The Sun reported the claim as it shared images of Sui seen outside the Dumb Money star’s apartment. Both of them were seen getting off the car in casual outfits.

The Generation star styled a jacket and jeans with a baseball cap. Earlier, they were spotted together at a Whole Food Market, where they were seen comfortably hanging out.

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Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski’s Relationship Seems to be Turning Sour

The relationship between Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski seems to come to an end after Davidson was spotted spending time with Chase Sui. Although none of them have confirmed the news yet, fans believe that Ratajkowski is already out of the scene.

The American model was also spotted with DJ Orazio Rispo, to whom she has been linked since October. The King of Staten Island star and the model were seen together on Davidson’s birthday in November. Fans were hoping that the SNL star has finally moved on from his ex Kim Kardashian after he started dating Ratajkowski.

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui at the New York Rangers games
Pete Davidson and Chase Sui at the New York Rangers games

This has been the noted pattern in Pete Davidson’s dating history. He is known to date some of the divas of Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. And Emily Ratajkowski is the new addition to the list.

After reporting that the Bupkis star is seeing Chase Sui, TMZ released a statement from a representative for Davidson. The statement claimed that Chase Sui and Davidson have been good friends since they met during the 2022 film Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and there is nothing going on between them.

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Source: The Sun 

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