In recent years, Kim Kardashian has built a following on social media due to her popularity with young shoppers for her shapewear label SKIMS and makeup brand KKW. Home decor is now a part of Kim Kardashian’s business. 

However, Kim Kardashian is ready to introduce a line of five-bathroom accessories under the SKKN by Kim umbrella on Oct. 6 after building a beauty and fashion empire. 

Kim Kardashian’s Home Accessories Bundle: 5 Items

There are five pieces under the SKKN by Kim umbrella, all available starting Oct. 16 at 12 p.m. ET. Kim Kardashian designed every piece to coordinate with her other brands; it consists of the garbage can ($129), a vanity tray ($65), a tissue box ($89), a canister ($65), and a round container ($69).

Home decor - SKKN By Kim
SKKN By Kim – Introducing The Home Accessories (Source: Instagram)

As with everything from the minimalist collection, the Kardashian-designed wastebasket is made from pure concrete, making it a workout.

In addition to their price tag, these trinkets are heavy: That wastebasket weighs almost eight pounds, and the tissue box weighs 3.5 pounds, so it’ll hurt your toes if you drop it.

As well as being difficult to clean, the brand’s website recommends using a wet cloth and mild detergent but suggests avoiding terrycloth and microfiber towels as they will tear.

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Fans’ Reactions to The Kim Kardashian’s Home Accessories

Kim Kardashian is known for her core love of beige home accessories, which is also evident in her new homeware collection.

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian (SKKN By Kim)

Due to the expensive price range of the accessories and its ‘boring’ look, fans have criticized the five-piece concrete range. In addition, she has received a lot of criticism online over her new launch of bathroom accessories as part of her SKKN brand, with some fans calling it ‘bland,’ ‘prison core,’ and ‘$130 Trash Can’.

Her Instagram fans have not been bewildered by her homeware collection, calling it ‘basic’ and ‘overpriced’ for the five-piece collection. However, fans have made many jokes about the heavy home goods. “Coming soon to a landfill near you,” one commented on Instagram. “It’s giving me Zara Home, but 3 times its price,” another said. A third quipped, “A prison cell looks more inviting.”

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Kim Kardashian’s Opinion on New Launched Bathroom Accessories

The concrete design symbolizes zen living in Kardashian’s home, designed by the renowned designer Axel Vervoort.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

As part of her upcoming homeware range, Kim spoke to Architectural Digest about the inspiration behind the accessories. She said, “I love concrete and gray tones; it feels zen to me. For these new home accessories, I wanted to ensure they complemented the skincare line and were designed to display my products and elevate any home with modern, minimalistic elegance.”

In a tweet, Kim Kardashian expressed her thoughts, “When I started my packaging design process for @skkn, it began with natural stones and design elements found within my own home.”

According to Kim Kardashian, there are many women who are able to relate to her sense of style because it feels “accessible” to them.

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Source: Page Six Style

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