Kim Kardashian is one of the most successful women in the world. She is now leading many of her business ventures along with managing her studies and four kids, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kanye West. Being an influencer, she also has lots of schedules that go with her work. Now, anyone would wonder how she could do everything with perfection and that answer would simply be her team or employees who work in the shadow to support the SKIMS founder.

Kim Kardashian
American socialite Kim Kardashian

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Though her staff has always supported her by offering their best services to the makeup mogul, it seems like she doesn’t know how to appreciate them. Rather, she wants herself to be highlighted in every aspect that she even treats them differently.

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Treats Her Kids’ Nanny Differently

Kim Kardashian
SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian

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The 42-year-old socialite, Kim Kardashian who seeks justice in the world is herself creating an unjust world by treating her staff differently. There was a time when the SKIMS mogul let her nanny sit at a different table while she ate at another one.

The incident reportedly garnered major media attention back in 2018 when she went dining with her then 5-year-old daughter North with her nanny at the fancy Miami restaurant Carpaccio. She reportedly ate separately from her daughter and nanny who were at a different table.

Though, she, later on, defended herself by stating that she did not want her daughter to end up in the footage as there were videographers around her.

According to sources, she reportedly forbids her nannies to walk alongside her in public, or she would let them taste a bitter medicine in private by yelling at them. The reports also claimed that she strictly order her nannies to walk behind her in V formation as she thinks it looks cool.

Leave Personal Space If You’re Kim K’s Assistant!

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s former assistant shared her thoughts on working with her

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According to reports, the reality TV star’s assistants had to let go of their personal life if they were to work for the mogul. One of Kardashian’s former assistants, Stephanie Shepherd started working with her in 2013 had parted ways with her after working for four years.

She once claimed that the mother of four was super involved with her employer which resulted in having no time to get Shepherd romantically involved with anyone.

I didn’t date anyone at all for, like, the first two years working with Kim, because there just wasn’t time. And then I did meet a DJ who worked with Kanye, but it just didn’t work out — we were too busy,” she told Refinery 29.

It would really be hectic to deal with the makeup mogul especially when someone is giving their best. However, given how the reality star once called out her sister, Kourtney Kardashian for mistreating her employees, it won’t do justice for her to give a lecture to her sister when she does the same to her staff.

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