This weekend, King Charles III was crowned at Westminster Abbey in a display of pomp and pageantry that has drawn attention from around the globe. The 74-year-old (along with his 75-year-old wife, Camilla Parker Bowles) is being crowned the new monarch during his coronation ceremony on May 6. 

The royal family has been preparing for this historic event for years. And now everyone—royal fans, and non-fans alike can clearly see that the coronation carries a hefty price tag. Three days of celebrations in London and the rest of the United Kingdom will begin with the coronation, which will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury. This will end on May 8 with a public holiday. 

King Charles
King Charles

A large number of people are expected to attend the historic event, even though the U.K. is currently facing economic difficulties. Hence, many are wondering why King Charles’ coronation is reportedly said to have cost twice as much as Queen Elizabeth II’s $63 million event in 1953. 

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How Much Will The Coronation Of King Charles Cost?

It is difficult to compare the cost of King Charles’ coronation to that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, which is estimated to have cost $63 million. Today’s royal events are known to be quite expensive, with a large portion of the cost going toward security.

King Charles III’s coronation has a large budget, but a much smaller guest list than the late Queen Elizabeth II’s 8,000 attendees (he only has 2,000). Hence, it is said to be shorter in order to save time and money. 

The King himself has made comments regarding the unquestionably expensive event occurring during a worsening cost-of-living crisis. Although official costs for the King’s coronation have not yet been disclosed, experts anticipate it will be around £100 ($126) million.

King Charles
King Charles

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II would have been costly, but not as costly as that of King Charles’, a source told The Sun. Using Queen’s coronation in 1953, which cost $63 million, as a reference, the source claimed:

“Estimates for King Charles’ cost twice that because of things like security, which weren’t such a big issue back then.”

The source also discussed how big of a deal the coronation will be, saying that

“But worldwide TV rights will more than cover the cost and it will be a massive boost to tourism. Hotels are already being booked out for the coronation weekend.”

The coronation includes a “solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry,” according to the palace, which was also quoted in the publication. 

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What Has King Charles Said About The Cost-Of-Living Crisis?

Over the past few months, the coronation has generated a lot of buzz. 

King Charles was reportedly planning a “less expensive” coronation ceremony than Queen Elizabeth II’s in recognition of Britain’s escalating cost-of-living crisis. This was in light of the fact that more than one in five people in the country live in poverty and an increasing number of families depend on food banks to eat.

Last year in September, according to The Mirror, King Charles wanted a “shorter, smaller, and less expensive” coronation being “a monarch of the people.”

King Charles
King Charles

However, King Charles’ plans for a smaller (and reportedly less expensive) ceremony should not be a surprise. The now-King has been considering how to modernize the monarchy, a source previously told the Daily Mail.

“Everything is seen through the lens of the question: What value is this offering to the public?”

Well, it might be difficult for the people of the United Kingdom ‌to digest this, given their current status in the cost-of-living crisis.

Source- The Sun

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