New Earthworm Jim game is in the works.

A brand new Earthworm Jim game is currently in development with all the members of their first group working on the job, Intellivision Entertainment declared on Wednesday. The game that will be the one from the franchise in years will soon be published for the new console that is called the Intellivision Amico of Intellivision. This brand new console is planned to start on October 10, 2020, and that means that you can search for the match there if the new platform releases.

Intellivision celebrates 25th anniversary by announcing this news.

Earthworm Jim series celebrates its 25th anniversary
Earthworm Jim series celebrates its 25th anniversary

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The time of Intellivision’s announcement comes through the year which celebrates the 25th anniversary of this Earthworm Jim series, even though it’ll still be another year more before the match out. Release details about the console were shared months past when Intellivision demonstrated its plans to reenter the games marketplace, also on Wednesday, Intellivision Entertainment’s CEO and president Tommy Tallarico who served as the composer for Earthworm Jim 1 and Earthworm Jim 2, disclosed the first details about the newest Earthworm Jim match.

Quote by Tallarico at the media launch

“We’ve been speaking about this moment for several decades, it is a dream come true to get the whole team back together finally. We are excited about sharing a little portion of our design and first design meeting with enthusiasts from all over the world. Intellivision Amico was made to bring families and friends together, and we’re eager for lovers and people just being introduced into the show to find the first appearance as we kick-off the plan of this match.”

-Tallarico at a media launch. 

The resurrection of Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim Game
Earthworm Jim Game

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Part of this resurrection of this series is going to probably be shared with all Earthworm Jim lovers and people awaiting the console on May 4th in noon PT, the press release also said. A streaming event will happen to allow people to sit on the planning meeting of interest to the Earthworm Jim game at which we will learn more about it. Signed art will be distributed to pick.

In terms of the console, it is possible to view additional information on this from the trailer below.

Intellivision® Amico™  - Reveal Trailer (2018)

Source: Comicbook, Variety

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